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ISBN# Unavailable
October 2011
The Wild Rose Press
E Book
96 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Margie is a single female alpha and leads her own pack in Montana. She likes not having to share her pack, and does not want a mate. Unfortunately, fate has another plan.

Zane is an enforcer under control of an evil alpha who threatens his sister. He is injured on a mission, and when he wakes up, he meets his mate.

Zane and Margie instantly recognize each other as their mate. The passion and need to claim each other are almost overwhelming, but pack issues have to come first. They must trust in each other and work together to save the pack and Zane’s sister from the evil alpha who followed him to Montana.

My favorite part of Wolf Mates was the characters. Two alphas, and the female was the pack leader, not the male. It was different, and I really like the idea, especially how it worked out in the end. Both characters were funny and easy to believe in. Zane was my favorite. His thoughts, feelings and actions were endearing. Wolf Mates was a fun book to read.

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