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ISBN#: 9781610403870
October 2011
Torquere Press
41 Pages
M/M/M Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Adam is a wolf shifter or so he thinks. Ever since it became clear he had the shifter gene he has been waiting to experience his first shift and find a real family with the local wolf pack.

Chuck is a ranger, and Tam an eagle shifter is his lover.

When the night of Adam’s first shift arrives, he is very excited. There is only one problem, Adam does not shift into a wolf but something else entirely. As soon as he shifts, he becomes the instant enemy of the wolf pack he has been living on the outskirts of for the last few years. So much so that he is attacked. It is only by his own quick thinking that he is able to save himself. It is not long after that Chuck and Tam find the wounded shifter, but will they be able to convince Adam that he is beautiful as he is, and that they very much want him to be a part of their family?

I was very pleasantly surprised by this story, and I LOVED the ending. The world building sticks closely to how animals actually are in the real world, and this allows the characters and with their human sides to remain true to this as well. The sex when it happens is ultra eyebrow scorching hot, and the emotions that Mr. Winter very skillfully mixed in, really adds to the story. In short, this is a story I will be reading again, and again, and I will definitely be picking up more books by this author. I would recommend that you do so as well!

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