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Salvation Pack

Book 1: Wolf at the Door
Book 2: Wolf in Her Bed
Book 3: Wolf on the Run
Book 4: Wolf from the Past
Book 5: Wolf on the Hunt
Book 6: Wolf on a Mission

Salvation Pack, Book 6
ISBN# 978-1-61923-255-6
April 2016
Samhain Publishing
254 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sue Walsh is all alone in the world, except for her small son. She is a strong woman who is determined to make a good life for the both of them.

Elias Gallagher is a full blooded werewolf and guardian to his twin nephews. His one purpose in life is to keep them safe from those who would kill any of less than pure bloodlines.

Elias is looking for a pack to call home for himself and his part human twin nephews. His brother and sister in law have been killed in a car wreck but found out about the Salvation Pack before their deaths. Elias is following their wishes. Sue Walsh has recently lost her parents and her best friend has moved out of town. She works as a waitress and has no one to turn to when her ex decides that he wants custody of the little boy he has virtually ignored for the last five years. Neither Elias nor Sue planned on falling in love, and this relationship is fraught with more danger than most. Werewolves are not supposed to be mates to humans, hunters are trying to eliminate the wolves in the woods, and Sue’s ex will stop at nothing to get the money he thinks will come along with his son.

This is a wonderful addition to the Salvation Pack series. It is one of my favorites and I look forward to each of them, usually pre-ordering as soon as I find the links. Elias is a little different from the usual alpha wolf. He is definitely strong, sexy, and deadly, but he has a softer side that is evident in his interactions with his nephews and Sue and her son. Sue is my favorite kind of heroine; strong but with a vulnerable side. The Salvation Pack series is full of great characters and this story adds five great new ones to the family. The plot of this story is very exciting and filled with action and danger. The love scenes are sizzlers. I hope this series continues for a long time to come.

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