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Salvation Pack

Book 1: Wolf at the Door
Book 2: Wolf in Her Bed
Book 3: Wolf on the Run
Book 4: Wolf from the Past
Book 5: Wolf on the Hunt
Book 6: Wolf on a Mission

Salvation Pack, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781619222854
October 2014
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
181 Pages
Paranormal, Shape-Shifters
Rating: 5 Cups

Cherise Michaels and her mother have been on the run for many years but the past finally caught up and her mother paid the price. Now Cherise is running alone toward a place from her dreams where she finds the alpha male unwilling to let her go.

Cole Blanchard and his pack are on the run from a pack each once called home. Now he chases invaders of Salvation Pack, lands and finds his mate and the wolves hunting her.

Cherise is unable to stay because it would put Cole in danger and he is unable to let her run. Cole knows the best defense is an offense and he is about to enact his plan. Will Cole and Cherise survive the past to discover the future or will one act cause them to lose it all?

N.J Walters is superb in the ability to draw the reader into the world she creates. I fell in love with Cole because wow who could resist? I love how Ms. Walters makes the other characters just as interesting as the main character which brings the reader back over and over. I know I am going back to find the first two books in the series just to see how the current pack came to be. I highly recommend Salvation Pack and the writing of N.J Walters because she has an awesome talent she puts to good use.

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