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ISBN#: 9781595789389
June 2012
Liquid Silver Books
198 Pages
Dark Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

An airborne virus has decimated the human population affecting many people by changing their DNA so that often some sort of super power would manifest in the previously normal person. In a world of magical oversight, there exists a strict bureaucracy of rules and standards. The citizenry is divided into several broad categories. The only beings lower in the caste system than humans with no extraordinary talents are the shifters. Nikki has exceptionally strong supernatural abilities and is classed Other. She is a supernatural investigator who despises bureaucratic red tape, and frequently accepts cases that no one else will touch. She refuses to belong to a guild, is brash, aggressive, and foul mouthed.

Theron is The Prime, Leader of all the Shifters. His right-hand man, Malik, approaches Nikki about an unusual case. Several young shifter women have been brutally murdered, their bodies dumped in city parks. There is no trail or scent.

Theron assigns Malik to guard Nikki and assist her with the investigation. Nikki prefers to work alone and handle things her own way. Theron and Malik refuse to give her the free reign she desires and needs in order to perform her task and ferret out those involved in the slayings. Tempers flare, passions explode, and Nikki devises creative maneuvers to give her “protectors” the slip.

I positively loved the adventure and action in this story. Nikki’s determination and resolute manner are matched only by her brash actions and irrepressible potty mouth. Nikki trusts her instincts and has faith in her own abilities. She’s a quirky bulldog of a character, and I enjoyed having a “mouse in her pocket” view of how she thinks and operates. As mentioned earlier, there are often personality conflicts between Theron, Malik and Nikki. Everybody would become exceedingly angry. This inevitably led to hot, passionate sexual interludes that often seemed out of place and unbelievable to me. Especially as everybody would still be just as angry and pissed off as they were prior to the brief, intense rapture, after the sex was over. Then the mission would proceed, as planned, libidos suitably harnessed once again. For me, anyway, much of the sex seemed superfluous. This book has a fabulous ending that left me mentally cheering. I do hope Nikki will have further adventures in the near future.

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