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After the Crash series

Book 1: Sleeping with the Wolf
Book 2: Wolf’s Glory
Book 3: Wolf Tracker

Book #2 in the After the Crash Series
ISBN#: 9781595788405
May 2011
Liquid Silver Books
134 Pages
Werewolves/Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Glory Peterson is a goth girl on a plane on her way to interview for the job of her dreams when her plane crashes. She and the passengers find they have traveled through time fifty years into the future.

Wolf’s Shadow is a Lakota wolf shifter, living in an era where women are extremely scarce. Only if a man is very lucky does he get a mate. Shadow knows as soon as he smells Glory that she is his mate, he just has to convince her of that.

When Glory’s plane crashes, neither she nor any of the survivors realize they are no longer a part of their world. Instead, they have crash landed in a world with no telephones, no electricity, no running water, in fact, there are no modern conveniences at all except for the occasional hot shower and that is if you decide to live in one of the small towns. Fortunately for Glory and many of the women on the plane, they are rescued by the descendants of Lakota Indians who have gone back to living the way their ancestors did before the coming of the white man. Glory and her compatriots initially believe Shadow’s clan is just people doing a historical reenactment. Imagine her surprise when she discovers it is the year 2064, not 2014. Meanwhile, Shadow is insisting she is his mate and figures that gives him the right to boss her around, but Glory is having none of it. While she is more than happy to have a quick roll in the hay with the hot shifter before returning to whatever civilization is left, the idea of mating for life is anathema to her. Will Shadow be able to convince her they belong together? Will he be able to show her that her six foot frame and luscious curves are everything he wants?

I have to say this is a really fantastic story. The only part that was difficult for me to believe was that the Lakota no longer seemed to speak their language, or practice their spiritual/cultural traditions such as the sweat lodge for example. Since I am Lakota, I know this would not be the case were such a situation come to pass. Despite the lack of cultural, language and spiritual traditions that would have given more flavor and a true and accurate picture of the Lakota, Ms. Barone still told an extremely entertaining story. That being said, one thing that the author totally nailed was the Lakota male respect for women, she got that 100% and that is a big part of the culture. I really loved the whole goth girl meets warrior/shifter theme, that totally rocked! I also really enjoyed how some of the characters, including Glory, got to reconnect with loved ones from their past who had survived the cataclysm. The fact that the author set the story just far enough in the future for there to be major changes but not far enough for all loved ones to have died helped the survivors adjust I think, and really showed the talent of this author. If you enjoy time travel stories, you definitely do not want to miss this one. I have already purchased the first book and am looking forward to more books in this series.

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