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Interview with Kate Douglas

Book 10 in the Wolf Tales Series
ISBN#: 13-9780758242662
July 2010
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Liana is the Goddess of all the Chanku. Thanks to her selfishness, one of the pack’s mates died before it was her time.

When she first wakes up in the meadow she she thinks she is in heaven. Learning that she is to take over the role as Goddess of the Chanku and kick Liana to the curb is a new and startling discovery.

Losing his mate has him feeling so much pain, anguish, and unbelievable anger that he strikes out at anyone and everyone. Trying to kill himself does not seem to do the trick and now he is stuck with the goddess who allowed his mate to die.

Liana must now learn to live as a mortal and drop the arrogance she once carried as the goddess. With the other Chanku's help she begins to uncover the sensual world that she now belongs to. However, there is one shifter who holds himself above her and for good reason. Though he hates her and she feels guilt for the loss of his mate, she finds herself falling for him and knows there is no hope for her love to be reciprocated.

Wow! What an emotional roller coaster ride Wolf Tales 10 was. Kate Douglas always has a way with the sensual world of erotic romance. But this time she has outdone herself as you follow the loss and gain of this compelling and hedonistic world. Whether you have read all of this series or are just beginning you will feel each and every emotion that he feels for his lost mate, as well as, the attraction he has for Liana. I must say as a fan of this series and one I have followed from the beginning, there is an extra emotional tie I felt with these characters which only added to this sensational read!

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