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Interview with Kate Douglas

Wolf Tales Series
ISBN: 9780758242679
December 28, 2010
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance; Paranormal; Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Anton Cheval is tired of having to fight for the Chanku freedom. It seems that every time they turn around, someone is being threatened.

While on a shopping trip, Lisa and Tala are kidnapped by unknown villains. They will release the women if Pack Dynamics assassinate the most powerful person in the United States…the president.

The packs from across the nation must come together to fight those who are responsible for the kidnapping, as well as the plot to kill the president. Danger lurks around every corner, for some more than others. As usual, Anton has a plan, but it does not go as perfectly as he expected. Now he must deal with a new problem, one that has changed who he is and may leave him altered forever if he cannot figure out the puzzle.

While Wolf Tales 11 is an erotic romance, but there is so much going on that the plot is full of adventure, mystery, and enough suspense to keep you on your toes. Ms. Douglas has once again found a way to incorporate steamy scenes within an intense storyline to keep this series going strong. I love the dynamics of all the characters as well as getting to know the newer characters. Of course, the ending with Igmutaka had me wanting to reach for the 12th novel…which is not possible as it has not been released yet. This is when you know you have a fantastic book in your hand; when you realize you cannot read the next tale in the series and it leaves you feeling helpless and empty. I definitely say hurry up and bring on the next installment of steamy sex, hot men, sexy women, and the Chanku world!

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