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Interview with Kate Douglas

Book 12 in the Chanku Series
ISBN# 9780758242686
July 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
368 Pages
Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

The Chanku have gone five years without any attacks against their kind, but Anton still feels as if he is waiting on the edge for something to happen. He does not expect it to be in the form of his six year old daughter.

Stefan knows the alone time he has spent with Anton has not been possible in the past few years. He also knows it is not this problem that is ultimately bothering his sometimes lover.

Lily knows her father is going to be furious with her. But she is on an important mission that will help their kind. So what if she had to leave in secret and travel in a way that her daddy would not know she knew about?

Sunny knows that when she was younger, she was not bound in a wheelchair. But something happened to her that traumatized her body, and it is not until the Chanku are introduced to her that she begins to understand her heritage and her body.

Anton is terrified when he finds out his daughter went off on a mission and ended up on the opposite side of the world. Even though their goddess, Eve, tells him that Lily will be okay, he still wants to rage at the injustice of not being able to protect his girl from the world. As the Chanku come together to support Anton and his wife, Keisha, in their time of need, a new problem arises. The time has come for them to make the ultimate decision of whether to stay a secret or announce their supernatural society to the world.

I cannot believe this is the final novel in the Chanku Series! I have read all of Kate Douglas’ books that entail the Chanku, and I must say this is the best of the bunch. The way she has written this story paints a clear picture of who and what exactly the Chanku are. It explains so much and leaves you feeling satisfied that you have finally gotten those answers to the questions that began forming in the first novel. At the same time, Wolf Tales 12 wants to make you cry as you realize that you are saying goodbye to an amazing group of characters that have become part of your life. What an amazing book this is as details are revealed, secrets discovered, and a new character emerges. If you were to pick only one book to read this summer, you MUST pick this outstandingly brilliant novel! You will not regret it. Whoever stated “save the best for last” must have been speaking of Kate Douglas’ Wolf Tales 12!

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