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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# (13): 978-0-7582-2695-2
January 2010
Kensington Publishing Corp.
288 Pages
Erotic Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Tia Mason Stone wishes more than anything she did not have to be the one to make babies. Since Luc is fifteen years older, she does not wish him to wait any longer to give him a child.

Lucien Stone is thrilled to be married to Tia. As he prepares for the special mating night, he wants it to be in the mountains away from any dangers. The night they achieve their child should be special.

Tia weighs many thoughts about having children, but realizes it is destined for her to have two daughters, and Luc wants to be a father. She agrees to a magical night as they both shift and mate. In time, that magical night finds Tia giving birth to twins, but the birth is not an easy one, as Luc and the whole Chanku pack gather for the arrival. As everyone assembles for the vigil, even Tia’s father, the pack have a way to bond and share many of their stories before they became shifters. They each express the compassion, cruelty, solitude, and what it really meant to finally be able to discover true significance surrounded by the pack. While the stories continue, and Tia’s struggle to bring the children into the world brings on an even more challenge, will it bring the pack closer together, or cause them to lose one of their own?

Kate Douglas always pens a story that grabs the reader and keeps them hooked until the end, and Wolf Tales 9 is no exception. She has phenomenal talent the way she composes her tales. I was completely drawn to Tia as she spoke lovingly about Luc and bringing children to her home. When Tia was in deliver and Luc was by her side, the way he devoted himself to her was quite heartening. The story was brilliantly detailed, and all the secondary characters that returned were just as well blended as before. The shapeshifter scenes are remarkably done, and the believable players bring life into this splendid story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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