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After the Crash series

Book 1: Sleeping with the Wolf
Book 2: Wolf’s Glory
Book 3: Wolf Tracker

After the Crash, Book 3
ISBN: Not Available
February 2012
Liquid Silver Books
295 Pages
Paranormal / Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Battered, exhausted, and frightened, Tami has just escaped from four delusional men all claiming to be her husband. She survived a plane crash only to discover that her world, as she knew it, is gone.

Quiet and deadly, Tracker just accepted a commission to find Tami. The distraught husband explains that his new, beloved wife has been kidnapped – spirited away by marauders. Tracker takes the generous payment and sets out on a rescue mission.

Tami is well-trained. Before the plane crash, she taught survivalist training, but she is little prepared for the desolation and emptiness of the austere land. Also, she is being followed, tracked by a man with skills that rival her own. Hungry and bone-weary, Tami’s stamina is almost totally depleted by the time Tracker discovers her hidden camp.

This story drew me in from the first page. Both Tami and Tracker are likable, honorable and charismatic. Told with an easy familiarity, there is droll humor to lighten what could otherwise have been a dark, depressing tale of our world fifty years hence, after a great and terribly destructive war. Although this book is 3rd in a series, I read it and got full-enjoyment out of it without having read the previous two books. I must admit, though, that I have become enchanted with this author’s ability to snare me with her words; I will be adding all of her books to my wish list.

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