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Crisdean Sisters Series

Book 1: Written In Blood

Crisdean Sisters, Book 1
ISBN: 1940695368
June 2014
EsKape Press
280 Pages
Romance, Mystery, Erotica, Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Getting back on the job, Lyndi Crisdean knows this is her last chance to make partner. She needs to put her disastrous relationships behind her and focus on the career she has spent her entire adult life working towards.

As an investigator for the DA’s office, Alek Trevian works tirelessly to make sure every piece of evidence is in place to make their case. There is no room in his life for anything more, which works just fine for him.

With four ex-husbands under her belt, Lyndi should know better than to have anything to do with Alek, just being seen together could end both of their careers. She has enough on her plate trying to get a plea bargain for a murderer, she does not need the kind of danger and passion that Alek exudes. Lyndi is a drug Alek is quickly becoming addicted to, even though he clearly needs to keep his distance. Once Alek knows she could be in mortal danger, his desire to be with her every moment of every day becomes unquenchable.

Forbidden fruit is always the most tempting, which is a dilemma Alek and Lyndi are completely unable to resist. The harder they fight the attraction, the stronger it gets; even as the danger to Lyndi continues to mount. What I find so unbelievable is how Lyndi blows off every threat like it is harmless, even when it obviously is not. This makes her character seem naïve and gullible; traits that are hard to reconcile considering her career and reputation.

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