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ISBN #: 978-1-920468-53-8
Nov 2010
Silver Publishing
209 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Gavin Stone III is an exceedingly handsome and wealthy bachelor. When he sees a lovely young woman seated alone near the back of the majestic ballroom at a grand party, he is immediately intrigued. Accustomed to women vying for his company and attentions, he is perplexed when the young lady refuses his offer to dance in a rather brusque manner.

Angela Elliott survived an awful accident two years ago that left her legs paralyzed. Worse than her physical injury, the accident left her with little reason to continue living as she continues to mourn the loss of her husband and unborn child. Mostly, though, she suffers anguish over her own complicity in the foolish actions that led up to the unlucky accident.

Gavin meets Angela again the next day at a church picnic and learns of her infirmity. He becomes even more enamored as they talk the afternoon away. It does not take him long to recognize that Angela may be his one true love, but will he be able to convince her that she belongs with him for all time?

This short novel is easy to read and entertaining; the story unfolds at a nice pace. Gavin and Angela are likable, and I wanted to see their love triumph. There are several explicit bedroom scenes that sizzle. I also enjoyed the retelling of the Stone family history which provides a unique explanation as to the origin of vampires and why they are practically immortal. According to the history carved on Gavin’s headboard, Muredach and Bettina were the very first vampires. Their story is especially touching. Pick up this book to be transported away from the mundane for several enjoyable hours.

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