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ISBN- 978-1-936403-36-3
September 2011
Rogue Phoenix Press
E-book/ Paperback
$ 3.99/$17.95
108/191 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Getting a story from a man on his deathbed in prison is just the scoop reporter, Lacey Hancock, needs. The story sends her on the trail of a serial killer. She never expected her life to be in danger.

Lacey receives a phone call from someone, telling her information that is unnerving; the caller states that two people will be dead in twenty-four hours, and they have received the money.

Lacey goes to the police with this information and finds connections between her investigation and the FBI. With a killer on the loose, can the police, FBI and a reporter solve this case before they end up dead as well?

Way cool of a book! If you are a fan of murder mysteries, run don’t walk and get your copy today. Twists and turns start from the first sentence. Wrong Number has great characters with depth, and a truly psychopathic killer on the loose. What is not to love.

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