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Feral Warriors Series

Book 1: Desired Untamed
Book 2: Obsession Untamed
Book 3: Passion Untamed
Book 3.5: Hearts Untamed
Book 4: Rapture Untamed
Book 5: Hunger Untamed
Book 6: Ecstasy Untamed
Book 7: A Love Untamed
Book 8: Wulfe Untamed

Feral Warriors, Book 8
ISBN# (10)9780062107550/(13)9780062107558
January 2014
Avon Books
384 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Shape-shifter Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Natalie is mourning the loss of her beloved brother. Her life is falling apart. Unable to move forward, she is stranded in a devastating past. Natalie will soon learn there is more in her past than she can remember or imagine. When the past walks back through the door, she has no clue how irrevocably it will change her future.

Wulfe is unable to let Natalie go and visits her in his other form. She treats him as a friend, but his feelings are so much more. When the past visits Natalie in her own home, he realizes the only safe place for her is with him. But in order to be with him, she must face the past and ultimately save the world or die trying.

Evil stalks the Feral Warriors, and salvation lies in one man?Wulfe. He is willing to sacrifice his very life, but is torn by the part Natalie must play to save the world. Together, they are an unbeatable force, even if Wulfe is unwilling to gamble the loss of pretty Natalie. Natalie knows she is destined for more and will do anything to save Wulfe and the whole world from the evil awaiting to escape.

Wulfe Untamed is the most exciting story I have read in quite some time. Wulfe is a hero like no other. One moment he strikes fear in the heart. The next, he melts the same heart with his gentleness and love. Can you tell me where I can find one like him? One with scars and all? Look out, ladies, there will be many a dream from this one. Natalie is an awesome character, which inspires others to be better people. She faces her fears and the beast. Then unselfishly, she will give it all for the one she loves. I look forward to reading the stories of the rest of the Ferals and to seeing where evil will take them next. Ms. Palmer is an amazingly talented author who brings a world alive in the readers? mind and provides every detail necessary to make the world vivid for the readers? pleasure. I highly recommend Ms. Palmer, the Feral Warriors series and Wulfe Untamed to all readers and know the experience will enrich and entice them to come back and visit again.

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