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ISBN #: 9781460925232
September 2011
250 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Grace Stone works the night shift with the local medical examiner at a hospital. She has sensitivity to daylight and is reluctant to make friends. She eats very little and has a craving for blood she does not understand.

Malachi is a Guardian, a sort of military/police for the vampire community. He has refused to take a life mate because he is sure the one chosen for him is still alive, despite evidence to the contrary. He is a skilled warrior and well-respected among the Guardians and the vampire community at large.

Grace is alone and a loner. Abandoned as a child, she survived the foster care system and got an education and a good job. Malachi has been searching for his life mate since she disappeared as a child and cannot believe his good fortune in finding her. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is or who she is, and she is reluctant to believe in vampires. She is in danger from the Harvesters who are seizing and draining vampires. One of their numbers is the new head of Grace’s hospital.

This novel has an interesting concept of vampires living alongside of humans while having a complete and separate society. Malachi’s world is a bit complicated and difficult for the reader to understand and the descriptions take away from the story a little at times, but overall, the story is very enjoyable and interesting. I really liked Grace most of all. She is a strong and independent woman who overcomes much in her life and is determined to find happiness.

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