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ISBN#: 978-0-307-45875-9
February 16, 2010
Water Brook Press
367 Pages
Fiction / Historical / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As a young boy, Rogan Chantry thrived on the tales of adventure told by his uncle Henry, and vowed after Henry’s death that he would find his uncle’s killer, and fulfill his destiny.

The vicar and his wife love her as their own, and gave her the everlasting joy of knowing God, but Evy Varley has always felt an emptiness by not knowing her mother or having any real family.

Uncle Henry left Rogan a smattering of clues, and now that Rogan is mature and able to strike out on his own, he intends to follow that trail of gold. There is just one major obstacle, and that is his very wealthy and powerful uncle, Sir Julien. Julian dictates and manipulates people’s lives to suit his purpose, but Rogan is intent on evading his uncle’s menacing clutches. While Rogan runs off to South Africa, Evy tries to ignore her broken heart, unfortunately it is her life that is truly in peril, and she does not even have a clue as to why.

It is the blatant disregard for the people of South Africa, their land, and their culture by the cunning manipulations of the rich and powerful that I find most disturbing in this novel. Even Rogan barely acknowledges how his drive to find gold and diamonds affects those around him. His motives for following in Henry’s footsteps are not really altruistic or noble, but every bit as self-serving as he accuses his Uncle Julien of being. As for the relationship between Rogan and Evy, I feel it is barely more than a whispering in this story rather than anything real, until it seems to suit Rogan to make it otherwise.

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