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ISBN# 978-1601542038
March 2009
The Wild Rose Press
292 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Brenna McIntyre is in a terrible predicament when her stepfather chooses her a devious suitor. She wanted to escape her stepfather’s horrifying blows, not go from one rotten scoundrel to another.

Captain Anthony Radcliff, Tony, is hired to kidnap Brenna. After learning Brenna’s mother wants to further hire him to wed Brenna, he is not pleased with that part of the plan.

Brenna has strikes on her back and leg from her stepfather, Charles, but keeps them hidden from her mother. When Charles insists Brenna marry a man of his choosing, Brenna never expected to be attacked by the intended. Luckily, she is saved by two men who carry her far away. After discovering her mother, Dara, is behind the kidnapping, Brenna believes her mother mad. Brenna never thought being with Tony would open her heart to trust and love. Tony is unaware Dara wants him to wed Brenna. He finally agrees, only to say that once they arrive in America, the sham is over. As he and Brenna sail to America, Brenna awakes a lust in him he has never felt. Will he be able to keep his hands off her while keeping her safe?

You Belong to Me is a whirlwind of a book. There are so many diverse emotions in this fast-paced book that I was captivated with everything encasing Brenna. Kimberly Nee immediately pulls this reader into the story. I was mesmerized with the whole setting and could share in the pain inflicted on Brenna. I wanted to reach out and console her. The storyline is absolutely real and breathtaking. It was evident that Tony went out of his way to show Brenna how to trust again. The two have incredible energy that slices deep within the pages in this overpoweringly addictive read.

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