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ISBN: 9781603944090
February 2010
New Concepts Publishing
103 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Zero is a male soul collector. His job is to punish those that are unworthy or not a pure soul.

Soma is a female soul collector. Her job is to collect pure souls and help guide them towards their next life.

When Zero starts taking her souls, Soma begs for help from anyone she can think to help. Anu is an angel and agrees to help but he is not sure why. When he sees a soul that is trapped within Zero, he knows that there is something about the female soul that calls to him. Will Soma and Anu be able to stop Zero before he is completely corrupted and destroys those around him?

Zero is a complex tale of good versus evil with grey areas thrown into the equation. Justus Roux takes the reader into an intricate level as the characters and scenery are described. I thought the way each character within the storyline was given an important role within the tale added to the book. This is a good novel that keeps the reader guessing as to what will happen next.

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