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Eve Locke


#3 – 5359A Counterfeit Whore and her Virgin Recruit

Another exciting tale of lust and pussy pleasure
By Eve Locke

   Muriel’s mouth was overflowing with cock cum, this was her first time at sucking a cock and she was nervous about being Bob’s slut, she wanted to please him so she played as his whore so she didn’t really mind having his hard dick in her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to swallow this almost nasty sticky goo so she let the creamy juice drool from her red lipsticked mouth. The dripping juice rested for an instant on her heaving breasts but only until another dripping strengthened the first flow and together the generous fluid ran down Muriel’s tummy and came to it’s final resting-place in the softness of her curly black pussy hair, it was warm and it did antagonize her naked pussy but her cunt had already been ravaged by Bob’s stiff cock, her fucking was done quite well and her cuming was quite generous and the reason she was now cock sucking was to lick her own cum from Bob’s cock. But her warm mouth and her feminine little hand with its warmth and her feminine touch ignited the cock’s sensitivity again and all of a sudden her mouth was being filled with this unexpected gizzum. But before she was flooded she was able to taste some of her own cum and she liked the combination of her juice on a cock. Now though her spell of pussy juice tasting had been sadly spoiled by an uncontrolled queer’s cock. Muriel felt the stiffness begin to soften so she extracted the shrinking pussy stretcher along with the rest of its harvest all of which was drooled again to her naked kneeling body. Bob lay back exhausted but still holding to Muriel’s head as though not admitting to his cocks demise, but he did compliment his little whore on her talented technique for a great blowjob almost as good as a man could do. But of course he didn’t mention this to her, Muriel was covered with goo and she didn’t want to have to clean herself of all this nasty goo after all it was Bob who is responsible for her tackiness. So while he was resting she mounted his prone figure and suggested that he lick his cum from her body.

   Bob didn’t stir it was as though he was stupefied or hadn’t heard his whore’s demands. So she commenced to place her gooey body up to his mouth and rubbed his cum on his face lick me you fuckin queer taste your cock’s juice you know you love it. Bob did as he was told he licked on the girl’s body, she was tanned and smooth and she had a hardon, which doesn’t have a conscience whether it be a girls hard on or a cock.

   Bob was as queer as a three dollar bill but he thought he wanted to become straight so he along with this very luscious whore, (well not a real whore just for fun for his transition) decided to give the straight sex thing a try. His fucking talents for pleasing a pussy weren’t what Muriel had expected she was the one to do most of the screwing. He did join in after a while but now as she was covering his face with her gooey body he finally came to life it had to be the cock cum he was tasting it was his favorite flavored sexual taste his preferred aphrodisiac.

   Bob loved sucking a stiff cock or rather any cock stiff or not and as long as it had set of balls attached he was on cloud nine. Trouble is when he licked himself to the whore’s hairline his cum was mixed with the pussy’s juice and he suddenly realized this succulent yum. And in no time at all he was licking the whores slippery slit perhaps he tasted a cock taste after all his dick was buried in her slippery scented crevice and his efforts to pursue a continual cock tasting found him just a tongue length from the girls dripping opening.

   Muriel was no fool as a make believe whore she hadn’t many opportunities to have a client suck her off so now in a most fantasized position she took advantage of a queers anxiousity she was kneeling over his face spread legged. He was trapped but he didn’t know it yet so she slid her cunt onto his mouth she felt her crevice open and his mouth slid into her wetness he didn’t have a chance. She began fucking Bob’s mouth with lewd and whore like gusto Muriel was about to reclaim her feminine control her queer fucking was a joy to behold at least for her.

   Muriel whispered for her whore to use your tongue you fuckin queer she leaned over onto the pillow and began her pumping of the guy’s tongue cock he was pretty good too. They seemed to be co-ordinated in their movements making Muriel’s first blowjob from a gay guy (soon to be straight) an excruciating raunchy pleasure one which she could reminisce about in the future or whenever she’s jerking off. The bed smelled of sexual ejaculation and pussy scent and to her it was an energizing aroma although not all-sexual creatures are crazy about a pussies fragrance seems like only the very perverted enjoy its delicate aroma.

   The connoisseurs of muff diving look forward to a horny snatch’s scent a lustful category Muriel was proud to be blessed with. Her naked muff diver’s energetic assault on her slit seemed to have slackened probably he’d sucked all his own cock cum from her and the taste was gone. To bad because now he was going to be forced to swallow another load of her goo whether he wants to or not. Her slit was puckering as her slit tried to tighten on the tongue cock but she was much too slippery and the tongue escaped her aggressive kidnapping attempts but nevertheless her hairy slit reached the highest of highs and she couldn’t prolong the squirting any longer. She loved to make the final sensations last as long as she could, to her it meant a more powerful cum off and this time was no exception she began to ejaculate, her raunchiness deafened her to the plea’s for mercy escaping from between her tightening thighs. She wasn’t able to slow the motions or release her thigh pressure until she was emptied but as her sighs and her moaning indicated her pleasures the queer person she was suffocating finally lay still.

   It couldn’t have mattered only because a raunchy cuming pussy has priority nothing else matters nothing even exists only the running honey and a girl’s scented pussy perfume. The whore like environment in the whores bedroom at that precise moment was a protected paradise unpenetratable a sensual sanctuary reserved only for those selected few who were slaves to their libibos. The poor girl was exhausted emotionally as well as physically being sucked off by a gay guy wasn’t all she’d hoped luckily her own talented fantasies pulled her through and her finale was a cum off to be remembered.

   The girl lay there for what seemed like hours half asleep and clinging to her fantastic afterglow, her petite body was stiff and when she tried to comfort herself she ached and that’s when she became aware of the baggage between her stiff thighs. And as she rolled off a gasp of sucking air broke the room’s silent mystique. Muriel surveyed the sorry looking thing just lying there and she began to giggle she pulled his nose to wake him but it was slippery with her goo so she giggled again and watched through half closed eye’s.

   The mummy like creature hadn’t stirred so she slapped him across his gooey face and her hand became sticky again she giggled she also realized that she was holding a handful of pussy honey so instinctively she licked the goo. But she was so exhausted she couldn’t continue licking or giggling and she lost her sight of reality and the poor make believe whore finally succumbed to her delightful and soothing afterglow. The room’s only sounds were of the smooth breathing of an impersonating whore and one still barely alive queer guy. Well the daring perverts weren’t really alone even though they thought they were when they dove into their lewd attempt at straightening out a confused cocking loving queer guy.

   They had another pussy hound slumbering in his usual curled up position under her bed it was whiskers her orange colored cat a whoremaster himself a pursuer of playful pussies a chaser of nocturnal lewdness with every feline within chasing distance. But no matter how successful his evening cruising was he always returns home to his hideaway battered and beaten the poor guy doesn’t seem to know when to call it a day unlike his slumbering mistress above him. His purring combined with the humans sounds created a sort of out of tune melody, a sad group of perverts.

   When dawn broke and a stream of bright sunlight shown through the venetian blinds Bob the gay guy finally opened his cum covered sticky eyes and his first sight was of this naked woman laying next to him. She smelled of her own juice, which he didn’t seem to care about. It seemed to be everywhere this straight sex smell, he rose slowly trying to find some fresh air but the den of lewdness was a monument to their nasty tryst. Bob got to his feet and looked at himself in the wall mirror, whew he sighed never he thought have I looked so down trodden and bewildered, the hell with this straight shit I’m queer and I’m going to stay this way. They can have all this stench and aggressive female doomsday style of there so called love making I want a cock in my mouth. I’ll have to recock myself I’ll have to regain the old reliable pleasures of easier raunchier romance. There’s nothing he thought like having a cock to cuddle with hard or soft he’ll never again doubt his sexual preference his mind was made up, he quickly dressed not caring to linger any longer in this downgrading pit of perverted pitiful polluted passion.

   He didn’t look back as he hurried from the apartment finally able to fill his lungs with normal air and all the other aromas he was able to identify. That was close he thought what was I thinking why would I want to swap a hard smooth shinny headed cock for the nastiness of a cunt. It was sticky and smelly and slippery but worst of all he thought was the nasty cum covered hair, it was gagging and the pressure of her body forced him to inhale gobs of hair just to stay alive. The queer guy was worried about having a hairball like an old tomcat and no such degrading feelings from having a cock to mouth fuck. Bob was getting horny just thinking about his chosen delicacy, he’d have to call on a boyfriend before he gets home he felt lucky to be alive and normal again. He couldn’t wait for a mouthful of cock cum, he held on to his stiffening dick as he drove along the nearest escape route away from all this disillusioning heterosexual misinformation. Bob was sort of lustfully upset with himself his cock felt good in his hand and he wished he could suck his own dick to bad he thought and such a lovely delicacy too.

   A short while after the queer guy left the little whore woke to the purring of whiskers her tomcat, when the girls roommate left whiskers wasted no time changing places this was much more his style. Muriel his non-combatant mistress cuddled the curled up four legged critter gently so as not to wake the poor guy. The phone rang breaking the soothing silence the shrill noise was piercing but it was a call for the girl to return to normalcy. The caller was her friend Michelle a mother of two really lovely daughters both teenagers and she liked them both very much they had there mothers personality a most precious talent.

   It was Saturday morning and it was almost noon, they conversated with small talk, which always seemed to end up talking about whatever naughtiness had taken place. Muriel laughed I’ll tell you later why don’t we have lunch it was a good idea so they agreed on a time and a place and said goodbye. Muriel stretched and yawned one final time she needed to take a shower and wash all this dried cum from her smooth skin. Her body felt good to be moving again especially after such a long period of idleness. Besides being grubby her stomach was growling constantly so she hurried her showering and not wanting to waste any time she by passed her usual primping just a dressing for her small lips and she was ready.

   She dressed for the weather, as it was still warm she felt comfortable wearing a pair or cutoff faded blue jeans, which were a bit frilly due to the many launderings. But they were in style even if they were beginning to wear through, stylish in many places such as her home in Fredericksburg Virginia.

   The planned rendezvous was on Caroline street where there were many fine places to dine and having lunch outdoors on a day such as this would be so very enjoyable, she called to make a reservation but discovered that the restaurant doesn’t take reservations. Its first come first served but the proprietress assured her that a table would be available they weren’t very busy due to the circus being in the area. Muriel was just a short walk from the well shaded Caroline street with all its interesting little shops and restaurant’s a very pleasant place to spend the afternoon if only to window shop. When Muriel approached the rendezvous her first sight was that of her friends long blonde hair and her pretty smile she was like a beacon in the storm and as she drew closer she was able to look up Michelle’s Kulaks and she giggled at her naughty thoughts. First she pretended to be a whore with a queer guy and now she’s fantasizing about her girlfriend’s snatch she was still giggling as she reached the waiting girl they blew each other a kiss a way women do at times for greetings.

   Michelle had already ordered both girls a glass of sweetened ice cold ice tea with a few lemons. Muriel looked sort of like the cat that ate the canary she had this mischievous smile which was a giveaway for her hidden lewd fantasy. Michelle commented about it right away but Muriel only giggled some more and buried her head in her hands while she laughed this naughty sort of devilish confession. She wanted to tell on herself but she felt a bit embarrassed to make such a raunchy confession.

   Well are you going to let me in on the joke, is my hair messy do I have my make up on crooked does my clothes not match, than she whispered what the fuck is making you so frivolous. Muriel tried really hard to control her humor but the more her girlfriend prompted her the more comical she looked, here, Michelle handed her her frosty glass of ice tea try this maybe the cold will cool you down.

   Muriel obeyed the feminine command; the tasty liquid helped to restore her to a somewhat sensible level of normalcy. So she started to tell about her faking to be a whore last night to help this queer guy become straight which brought laughter to the blondes innocence she laughed so hard tears came to her eyes. Her humorous outburst got Muriel to giggling again but this time she was chuckling about her fantasy with her laughing girl friend who was absolutely unaware of the sexual pleasures Muriel was pondering. Michelle’s joyful attitude plus her open blouse was beginning to arouse Muriel’s sexual appetite. So together they came out of the torrid drama that was just unfolded and each took a swallow of the tasty tea it sort of disabled their openly scandalous jocularity.

   Ok so you played as a whore funny but I always thought you were one, it was Michelle’s way of teasing her single friend and her remark was enjoyed as a bit of humor which it was meant to be. The girls knew each other well enough to say pretty much what they felt was humorous. But under her breath Muriel added her few words of wit, you’ll be laughing out of the other side of your pussy tasting mouth soon you little blonde slut. The blonde knew she was being sly by the look on her face especially her mouth it was a dead giveaway as to her underhanded humor, so again she asked. Something else is bothering you, you going to let me in on your perverted little secret – Muriel giggled again, she doesn’t know just how perverted her thought’s were, yes she said I’ll tell you all about what my latest escapade is going to be, --- but not now. She needed to keep her fluff interested and she needed time to convince her to play a role too, a gooey fragrant part in another drama but of much tastier and pleasing gratuity for the unsuspecting broad. Come-on tell me, Muriel winked and whispered its something different and it’s so luscious a girl would have to be deranged not to want to enjoy such a wonderful thrill. Tell me will you you’re getting me excited, the story teller changed the subject I’m hungry lets eat, just than a very pretty black hared waitress came to their table and asked if they were ready to order. Muriel said yes but Michelle remarked no we’re not give us some more time will you.

   Muriel began a giggling spree she just couldn’t stop and her antics were beginning to irritate her partner and even though Muriel noticed it she didn’t even try to control her mirth she was tickled pink that this blonde muff was being so interested could it be she’s perverted too? Well Michelle was fit to be tied but she wasn’t a dummy she thought she’d just let her frivolous little whore play out her self amusing escapade and by and by she’ll come out of it. And come to think of it even though Muriel was always very happy and joyful she’d never shown so much buffoonery. So she took another sip of her tea hoping her movements would inspire this laughing Hyena to take the hint. It took a while but finally Muriel settled down and became sensible again.

   The blonde ignored her friend by studying her menu even though she knew what she wanted; her changed demeanor hopefully would inspire this nonsensical little slut to behave herself. Suddenly the place became silent almost like a morgue but it wasn’t long lasting she heard a whispered sentence from the other female but she couldn’t quite hear the words. The words she missed were – lets suck each other off, Muriel giggled again but in the way of a whispered secret The blonde was holding her menu up so as not to be visible to her antagonizer in an attempt to disguise her expressions of frustration.

   Blondie person wanted to know what was said but she’d only be playing into the little mercenary’s sexual game if she continued her begging. So she bit the bullet and swallowed her pride and tried not to show so much anxiety but her facial expressions and her twiddling fingers were another giveaway. Muriel was enjoying her physiological talents and the effects her secreted conspiracy were having on her unsuspecting virgin friend. Michelle was practically sucking her off now she just doesn’t know it yet

   Muriel slipped one sandal off and touched her foot on Michelle’s calf which brought an instant flinch from the blonde neither looked up or said anything but Muriel was tickled pink knowing her coaxing was surely having its sensual effects. Michelle was surprised at the touching it felt good and she was getting squeamish but she knew her antagonizer was up to something, and as she fretted over it she felt herself having a warm flash rush through her and she sort of shivered. It was like a chemical reaction to Muriel and she couldn’t help feeling giddish again. This teasing of a girl was not only fun but it was educational too she was discovering how to prepare a girl for some lust but perhaps lust is a bit strong, romance, yes romance, well so far.

   Muriel was close to wetting her pants and she wondered if her new little whore was feeling gooey too. She couldn’t ask now could she but her highly sensitive glands were picking up a faint scent of sweet honey snatch an excited pussy, was it her or the blondes? She had to take a chance so she whispered across the table, Michelle -- she motioned with her index finger for her to come close. Michelle was excited so she made the move expecting to hear the tale of Muriel’s comical dramatics but instead of hearing the girl’s secret she heard Muriel ask if she smelled something strange. The blonde sniffed the air and sure enough she showed acknowledgement of a scent, what is it Muriel asked, well Michelle became red faced she knew what it was just as her teaser did she looked down in a show of recognizing the perfume of a horny pussy. Well asked Muriel what is it, but her friend couldn’t answer without embarrassing herself so she returned to hiding her sweet face behind her menu in an attempt to cover up her wetness.

   Muriel whispered again but just loud enough for her message to be heard, I know what it is but is it me or is it you, shut up you little tramp it was a whispered reply from Michelle who was now really red faced. Muriel Giggled again, finally her friend came out of her hiding a bit more educated, she finally realized she was being manipulated seduced actually she wasn’t upset she was pleased by the attention. But letting herself be sexually intimidated without protecting herself against being hit on was a credit to Muriel’s slyness. Muriel you’re definitely certifiable, her friend giggled well is it you or me she asked again, well ---- Michelle hesitated I’m getting wet ok are you happy now.

   Muriel reached across the table and held the girl’s hand and both girls felt a change of body temperature Michelle blushed but continued to host her friend’s handholding but she felt strange she’d held hands with other females before but there was never any sexual intention. Now though she felt an overwhelming force of sensual attraction she liked it but she wasn’t prepared nor did she ever think about being intimate with another female how should she respond but by allowing the handholding to continue she unknowingly gave a positive reply. Muriel would lick her chops if she thought she could get away with the triumphant acknowledgement but as horny as she is for this little twat she didn’t want to scare her little virgin tramp off.

   The body contact turned out to be a crucial event especially for the temptress, the fake whore, she was bursting with lewd energy but her naughty plan was interrupted by the black hared waitress, are you ready to order. Michelle was surprised by the girl’s appearance and she pulled her hand away before she’d become embarrassed by her show of affection but the girl saw her. Just what Michelle was worried about but the girl didn’t give the incident another thought. But the naughty body contact under the table was still effecting Michelle’s libido her appearance illuminated her guilty feeling’s and Muriel even though she tried to be still her humorous flirtations were still quite active.

   It was hard for her to conceal the sexual playfulness she was so full of and she felt sort of sad for her friend, she was caught in an unusual situation but she was the only one to be embarrassed. But Muriel was sure her opposite would continue her warm response, she ordered a BTL and a Singapore Sling she was sure she’d need the help. Muriel ordered the same and as soon as the waitress left Michelle returned her hand to the same place as before which was a teasing for more attention. She didn’t know why she felt this way but her chemistry was overpowering. Muriel was quick to respond but this time she slid her hand under her friends giving the girl a chance to show her naughtiness, the blonde must have been reading her mind because no sooner had Muriel’s hand touched hers she was quick to be the aggressor.

   Now though her saneness was registering her observations, she was being coaxed and she was on her way to being sexually seduced by her friendly slut. I know what you’re doing she told the little whore she was having lunch but you want to be intimate with me don’t you. Muriel giggled again, her opposite was quite serious in her demeanor but her seriousness only caused more laughter from the joyous make believe whore. She whispered to the blonde, INTIMATE honey I want to go down on your hairy snatch I’m going to suck you off I/m going to be your muff diver, the blonde’s face turned beet red redder than she’d ever been but she laughed so much she almost choked all the while she continued holding hands couldn’t let go if she wanted to.

   Well she said after finally composing herself as much as could be expected, so you little whore you want to fake being a lesbian too, first a fake whore and now a lesbian. She was quite serious in her sexual accusations so don’t start something you can’t finish you fuckin slut, Muriel was caught by this girl’s seemingly seriousness about being sucked off she came close to being overruled. Could the blonde be earnest about spreading her legs to have me be her muff diver? Honey she said this will be your best cum off yet so not to worry, the food came before Michelle could conclude her gay pleasure.

   The food was good but the chewing and swallowing motions depleted her horny feelings and brought about a session of reality concerning this lecherous broad’s sexual intimidation. Michelle’s dignity and her innocence had been played with by this little black hired tramp who seems to think she can con me into some perverted act just to satisfy her own deranged mind. So Michelle decided to take advantage of Muriel’s over confident attitude even though just the thought of having such a pretty girl go down on her and suck her off was keeping her slit gooey and she could definitely smell her own pussies perfume. She was as horny as a bucket of rabbits and she was dying to spread her legs she’d hold her whore captive and cum all over her face until she either suffocates or I pass out, -- so that’s the plan.

   After stuffing themselves and washing down the half chewed BLT’s with the remainder of the alcoholic brews Michelle leaned across the table put on a sexy grin and whispered so you want to go down on my pussy huh. -- If you really want to you’ll first have to suck my husbands cock would you like to, we could share I don’t mind besides I’m his only cock sucker we could take turns. Holy shit thought Muriel she was shocked at the sluts egomania does she think I’d become a whore for her and her whore-master just to be allowed to swallow her cum not very likely she thought. Michelle was teasing her own slit while her lewd psychology was being pondered by the make believe whore, you do like to suck a cock don’t you?

   Muriel hesitated before challenging such a rebellious twist in the situation, well she thought perhaps a little white lie might be necessary to fool her into becoming a lesbian tramp she’d fool the smart ass little twit. Well ok she said but I do you first lets go to my place and we’ll get comfortable. It was early afternoon and she knew Michelle’s husband wouldn’t be home from work before six so she would have plenty of time for some sixty-nine even though her gooey friend doesn’t suspect any such raunchy delicacies. Michelle seemed anxious to agree, her snatch was becoming ever so horny and her perfume was clearly effecting her agree-ability.

   So after paying the bill they strolled towards Caroline Street and the cozy little apartment Muriel shared with some old time spirits from the revolutionary war or so goes the local myth. Muriel sensed her friends’ anxiousness to share female attention and she knew she’d never had a girl on girl experience before so this cherry giving should be very exciting. The walk along the shaded sidewalk was very charming in its own way, well with the shops and the historic building’s with all their old time charm and the many antique shops with the old town mystic was a delightful beginning for the girls anticipated fornicating. When they reached the stairs to the upstairs apartment Muriel ushered the girl in front of her so she could be close to her luscious behind which was being exhibited with each step she climbed.

   Her cheeks were smooth and firm and so enchanting a temptation not to be passed by, so very gently she slid her hand up between the girls thighs and felt her one cheek while a couple of fingers caressed the girls sticky snatch. Michelle’s reaction was as expected, she flinched a little out of surprise but she continued as her breathing began to change and it wasn’t from climbing the stairs either. She was thrilled with every step and every caress and her juice was running down her thighs, Muriel saw the sticky goo and squeezed the girls’ thigh and held her in place as she licked the sweetness from the honey covered thighs. Her tongue’s contact and her warm mouth sent raunchy desires the length of the blondes body she was trembling now as her legs were being kissed and licked the poor girl was about to collapse from the sensual surprise that was taking her to another level of queer seduction.

   Muriel was in charge again and she felt it as her friend’s sighs of pleasure assured her surrender while she’d be collaborating herself into a style of sharing cum. Muriel’s apartment was well aerated with some botanical fragrances from the many exotic plants adorning her and her neighbors yards. Plus of course a touch of Muriel’s own sexual aroma’s from her earlier tryst with the queer guy. But the vanilla scent, a favorite of the hostess wasn’t able to disguise the evidence but the blonde was completely consumed with sexual awareness from earlier and her own and her lovers scents.

   She was trembling as she was being guided through the small room to her final lecherous destination the place of sexual bliss, a place she’d always remember and a place to have her cherry sucked from her along with streams of virgins cum. But most of all she’d become a lesbians whore, a queer and forever a pussy loving angel.
                            THIS particular tale ends here but,

   This exciting lusty adventure never really ended how could it, how could such raunchy and passionate pleasures be concluded or why. Muriel and Michelle are still surviving on each others pussy cum, the juice of the slit and its unique fragrance still captivate lovers of soft curly hared pussy.
        So don’t be bashful try it you may be surprised


Eve Locke