Copyright August 2007

**This is an erotic story, not to be read by anyone under 18**

Capture for me, this moment in time
Capture it and make it mine
Give me the knowledge I'll need to cross over
To that realm of wonder
A place joyously serene
A space without bounds that would hinder my being
Adorn me with wings perfectly sized
Watch as I take flight on the energy you provide
In that moment as I ascend to the heaven's above
Help me make sense of what you have shown me.
It was heated, hurried at first,
Then the swift fire changed to an ember as our kisses adjust
The pressure transforms and soon we are savoring, tasting, and relishing in each other.

My spirit wild, and untamed. 
I’m defiant and rebellious, a feral fire that will burn you if you get too close.
Push at you and force you to rethink everything
But you’re not scared of me; you’re not frightened by the flame.
You see what lies beneath, the gentleness, the delicate part of me.
My tummy turned a flip, and I smiled, giving myself away.
Your hot breath, tickled the skin on my neck. 
You kiss me, snaking your tongue around my lips and into my mouth.
My breath stuck in my throat, and my knees weak. Damn, you can kiss!
Your hands kept wandering, searching, prolonging.
You push me pass limits and yet raise me higher to something unnamed.
You did it gently, smoothly, sensuously.
I bite my lip waiting; what you would do, what you would say. 
The longing intensified.
You were gentle and thorough, as you showed me pleasure
Slow, unhurried, languid sensations as you took your fill of my body
It’s filling me, initiating me into a side I have never touched.
I loved it, yearned for it, and craved it.
My breath hitches, you’re getting ready.  Then I felt the slight tugging,
You bent down, licking on a nipple,
Sucking it and then letting it scrape through your teeth
There was no turning back for me.
No shyness, no coyness.
This was pure, uninhibited, and undiluted. 
This was heat; raw and beckoning.
I bit my lip as the slight pain coursed through my body.
I enjoyed your moan in my ear as you nibbled on my neck.
You were the one in charge, and I wanted it and you in a way I still can’t describe.

I bite my lip harder as a tremble runs down my spine.
There was that feeling again, that touching and sucking, that….that…god that heaven.
I can see the fire in your eyes.
Gripping on to you tightly, you move me tenderly
Insuring I’m not scared in anyway
I can’t hold back and let emotion lead me
As I take in the strange and new feeling of surrender.
Fierce sensations melting me under you
The slow build swallows me alive as I’m at the edge
I’m lost, ruled by the intoxicating rapture
Keeping me in this realm, I reach that unknown euphoria
Spent, mindless, I can not even consider breathing

I calm and yet as time passed and I am not ready to leave your presence,
Your hands slowly caressed me again and I felt the heat of your body behind me this time.
I knew what you wanted. What you needed.
A silent smile crosses my face
But I hold on to my defenses.
Easy, I tell myself, as I say goodnight to you once again.
Drifting to sleep, the heat inside me is burning.
What other things await me in you?
You started the fire within me;
Your mind has me intrigued as well as they aura of the man.
Yet as the tingles and shivers begin to fade
I close my eyes and wonder.

--Mila Ramos

Website: http://www.milaramoswrites.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jademystique