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Moonwalker (Book 1)
by Shawn Aleksander

Rating: R

Disclaimer: This excerpt may contain some graphic language.


Moonwalker – Book I - Chapter 3

Well, I guess the pain killers wore off because here I was, wide awake and wanting to scream.   As I started to panic, my body went into a fit and I tried to pull all those annoying tubes out of myself.  After what felt like an eternity, there was a sudden calm in the room and I laid back down.  When the tears finally spilled out and my vision focused again, I saw him.

There was an implausible wave of calm that came over me.  He had a glow all around him.  His touch was warm and electric.  I could only imagine that it would be like my best friend, Lisa, described when she had her first kiss.  I was almost twenty-seven and still hadn't been kissed like that.  I basically lived vicariously through Lisa.  She was the pretty one, the one all the guys were after and I always thought to myself that I was something special because I had her in my life.   The only word I could use to describe her was "sister". 

At that point I was lying there, wondering how long I had been in this bed, the oh-so-flattering hospital gown, and holy crap - did I shave?  I couldn't have this doctor looking at anything that that was overgrown.  I could feel myself heat up and I imagine at that point my cheeks were probably as red as a maraschino cherry.   A nurse came and checked my vitals, and as she was reporting them to my hunk of a doctor, I could tell she was both annoyed and totally into him.  Maybe my alarms interrupted some activity they had going on in the on-call room?  Or, perhaps it was the way he was staring at me.

Some conversation followed and Dr. Hotness left the room.  Next thing I know the nurse is looking in the cabinet for some supplies.  Apparently she had been instructed to remove something.  I really hoped it was this damn tube in my throat preventing me from voicing myself.  As she snapped on her latex gloves, there was an "Oh. My. God.  What happened!" from the doorway.

Standing there, looking as beautiful as ever, with her shiny black curly hair falling perfectly and her big brown eyes welled up with tears was Lisa.  This led me to believe my stay here so far could not have been long.  In a perfectly snobbish tone the nurse asked Lisa to "Please wait outside, honey.  The doctor is coming back to remove the tube."  Honey - really?  Lisa Stewart was nobody's "Honey"!  I tried to laugh but this stupid thing was still there in my throat blocking me.  After Lisa gave her the if looks could kill glare, she stepped into the hallway trying to think of ways to annoy that nurse.

As Lisa's fingertips tapped the wall, a deep voice startled her.  "Are you family?"  She looked up at this doctor, all six foot three of him, his dark, wavy hair and deep, deep brown eyes and for the first time in her life stuttered.  "I'm, I'm, I ah, I...".

"Take a breath.  She's going to be OK."

"Holy shit.  Oops.  That's fucking great.  Wait.  I mean I am so relieved."

"Wow.  Does your friend have a mouth like you?" He tried to lighten the tension.

"I am her best friend.  Her family.  All that fun stuff wrapped up in one hot package."

She did not just say that!  I felt my eyes roll.  I hope they didn't see it.   I could tell nurse high and mighty over there heard that conversation.  She just watched like a hawk.   No one was getting her man. 

"Well, friend-family...I was just about to remove the tube that was helping Hope breathe.  It looks like she is going to be ok, aside from the broken ribs and being knocked unconscious.   Just wait out here and you can come inside in a few minutes."

"Yes, thank you doctor? "

"Oh, sorry," he was chuckling at this point.  He held out his hand, "I'm Dr. Christian Mitchell."

As he turned to walk into the room, Lisa nearly tripped over herself.  "I'm Lisa.  Lisa Stewart."

Oh well, there goes another one.  I'm sure he'll be asking me about her when I can speak again.  As I started to block that thought from my mind I was hit with that feeling again.  What is this feeling?   I looked up and Dr. Hotness was standing there.  High and mighty was handing him supplies and then, relief.

"Oh my fucking god. "

"I guess you two do have the same mouth," the stuck-up tone came out once again.

"Nurse, I think I can handle it on my own from here."  He dismissed her with a fierce look - one-two-three.  Could this guy be any more perfect?

"It may be painful to take in a deep breath right away.  You're going to be fine.  I'm going to keep you here for a few days just to be sure.  I'll be back to check on you in a few hours."

"Thank you."

"If you need anything for the pain, just press the call button.

And, like that, he was gone.  If he could be my pain killer, I'd let him inside me any way I could get him.

Lisa ran over to me with tears streaming down her cheeks.  She hugged me so tightly, I thought maybe she cracked another one of my ribs.  We stayed like that hugging silently for a little while.  And then, the question. 

"WTF happened to you?  I got here as fast as I could.  I am so happy I didn't have to go ID your body."

"You have such a way with words.  That's why I love you.   I can't remember a thing.  What am I going to do?"

She could sense my fear.  I am not normally an anxiety ridden person.  My expression probably revealed it to.  Lisa went to wipe away my tears and I cringed.

"What do I look like right now?"

"You are beautiful Hope.  Besides, you just woke up.  No worries."

Lisa was always a terrible liar.  Whenever we got in trouble as kids I did all the talking.  I was always the "believable" one.   

"I need a mirror.  NOW. "

Hesitation on her part made me even more terrified.  The  horror-struck look on her face could not be put into words at this point.  She begged me to wait until the morning.

"I said N-O-W.  NOW.  If you don't get me one, I'm going to knock you off the side of this fucking bed and get one myself."

"Please Hope."  With her pleading tone I backed off.   I knew she was trying to protect me from something. 

"OK.  In the morning and just because I think if I try to move right now I'll collapse from the pain.  But you'd better not go back on your word."

"I promise."


Synopsis - Moonwalker

In a different take on a romantic, paranormal love story, Hope Young is what appears to be an average twenty-seven year old who barely survives an attack by an invasive creature.  A Lost Soul.  Little does she know, she is really a Moonwalker who has been raised as human.  After her attack she wakes up in the hospital to find she has been rescued by Dr. Christian Mitchell, a 150 year old Moonwalker.  Moonwalkers are a spin-off breed of vampire who can live among humans during daylight.  Their vampirical characteristics reveal themselves at night and run according to moon cycles. 

Christian is drawn to Hope and it is revealed that she is a Moonwalker that has not received her rite into transition.  He helps her through the discovery and they have an intense sexual relationship.  Christian assists her in finding the necessary means to obtain the information and items she needs to be given her rite of passage.

Hope is a descendant of one of the Originating Moonwalker families – of which there are three.  There are many unanswered questions regarding Hope’s family.  Her father is revealed but her mother’s whereabouts remain a mystery since she disappeared when Hope was a baby.  William Montgomery, Hope’s grandfather, is a powerful, respected leader with a dark secret.  He lives with the belief that drinking from females of your own bloodline will bring you eternal strength and youth.  His belief breaks the one cardinal rule of Moonwalker society – one never drinks from his own bloodline.  William is exposed to be a sadistic male.  He uses Hope’s brother, Lucas, relentlessly, to locate her.  Lucas uncovers William’s sadistic ways and realizes that his loyalty lies with his sister and leads to the shocking disclosure.

Hope’s revelation uncovers her father’s identity and eventually her brother’s.  She comes to realize a family she never thought she had.  Her best friend, Lisa Stewart, has been the closest thing to a family since her grandmother, who raised her, passed away.  She discovers her entire life was laid out for her by her mother, who wanted to hide her from William. 

As Hope and Christian begin to plan their eternity together, William seizes Hope and a battle to get her back ensues.  With the help of her newly discovered father, her brother and her future mate, she is found and Lucas makes William disappear, leaving the question of whether or not he has vanished for good.

Upon Hope’s rescue, Christian vows himself to her and they decide to become mated.  The ritual takes place and leads up to an astounding appearance by Hope’s mother who has been hidden for so long.



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