Pleasurable Punishment
by Kate Hill

Note: Pleasurable Punishment is related to the erotic historical novel, Northman's Passion.

"Pleasurable Punishment" has erotic content and is intended for those 18 years of age or older who are not offended by erotic content.


After a hard day Erik Ice Tooth is looking for a mug of mead, good food and relaxation with his wife, but Bera has other plans. She's in the mood for some pleasurable punishment from her irresistible Northman.



"Woman, bring me some mead!" Erik called to Bera as he headed for his bench by the fire. Dusk had fallen and most of the people in Erik's household had already gathered in the longhouse for the evening.

His gaze riveted to his wife who stood working at a weaving loom. Just looking at her stirred a hunger inside him that had nothing to do with food. He loved the beauty of her long, black hair and the look of challenge in her eyes, visible even from across the room. Her healthy curves, in particular her full backside, made his hands ache to touch her.

It had been a long, hard day. He'd awakened before dawn to train with his men, then had gone hunting and overseen the repairs on his ships. Now he wanted nothing more than to sit back with strong mead, good food and Bera on his lap.

"Bera," Erik repeated, settling onto the bench. With a little grunt of discomfort, he rolled his left shoulder. He'd twisted it while hauling lumber that afternoon. Tonight in the bed closet, he'd ask Bera to rub it. A grin tugged at his mouth. He'd ask her to rub other parts of him too. The woman's hands did wonders in many ways.

He glanced up as she strode toward him with a mug in her hand, a faint smile on her lips and a gleam in her eyes that he knew meant trouble. What was she up to?

"My love." She nodded in greeting and emptied the contents of the mug over his head.

Erik leapt up, sputtering and wiping mead from his eyes. "Are you mad, woman?"

"You demanded mead, did you not?" she quipped.

His chest expanded in a furious breath. Then his rage turned to desire at the heated look in her eyes. His teeth gritted, but he grinned at the same time.

"You wicked little fox," he said, reaching for her, but she slipped from his grasp, lifted her dress and ran for the door.

Erik tore after her, kicking aside a chair that was in his way. Unfortunately one of his men, Cnut, was still seated in it and he toppled onto his backside. The bowl of stew he'd been eating landed on his head.

"Eh!" Cnut growled, blinking stew from his eyes.

"Oh my," murmured a young slave woman who had recently joined the household. "Will he hurt her?"

"No," chuckled Cnut's father, Ragnar. "This is Erik and Bera's way of playing. You'll get used to it."


Bera's heart pounded with excitement and anticipation. She sprinted toward a storage house, knowing she didn't have long before Erik caught up with her.

Inside, she slammed the door shut. With trembling fingers she worked the brooches on her overdress, then let it fall to the floor. Wearing only her shift, she perched on top of a barrel and crossed one leg over her other. She hiked the shift up, exposing her calves and most of her thighs.

The door burst open and Erik stood, bathed in moonlight. By the gods, he was magnificent—tall and well-muscled with shoulders Thor would envy and eyes as dark and fierce as a wolf on the hunt. His teeth gleamed against his black beard. It was no wonder he was called Erik Ice Tooth. Not only were his teeth unusually beautiful, but just thinking about how they felt tugging on her nipples made her pulse race.

"What's the idea of trying to drown me in my own mead?" he demanded, running a hand through his drenched hair. She noticed much of his shirt was also wet, as if he'd washed off the mead before following her to the longhouse.

Shrugging, she said, "You've been so busy preparing for winter that we haven't had much time for amusement. Do you realize how long it's been since you've bestowed pleasurable punishment upon me?"

His dark eyes gleamed and he chuckled, a wickedly masculine sound that came from deep in his throat.

"You liked that, did you?" he said, walking toward her.

Bera uncrossed her legs and parted them, but he placed his hands on her knees and spread them wider. She grasped his shirt and tugged it up his body, but he finished the job, pulling it over his head and tossing it aside.

Her breath caught at the sight of his bare chest. Running her hands over the powerful, hair-dusted expanse of warm skin and hard muscle, she moaned softly. She leaned closer and covered his chest with kisses. When she rolled her tongue over one of his tight, dark pink nipples and tugged on it with her teeth, he groaned and caressed her hair.

For several moments he let her kiss and caress his chest, then he took her face in his hands and covered her mouth with his. Her eyes closed, she enjoyed the pressure of his warm, moist lips against hers. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue, surrendering completely to every thrust and stroke. By the gods, no one had ever made her feel this wonderful. Erik roused so many emotions in her. He knew how to stir her anger and her passion, but most of all he had taught her the beauty of love between a man and a woman.

He'd been working so hard lately. Everyone had, but as leader, Erik had even more strain upon him and he took his duties very seriously. He was a stern man, but also generous to those in his care. Bera admired his strength as well as his compassion. She had never imagined a marriage so perfect for her and to think she had rejected him at first.

"So you want pleasurable punishment?" he said, his voice teasing yet husky with desire.

Meeting his gaze, Bera nodded, her heart racing.

Erik swept her into his arms and carried her to a nearby trunk. Sitting on top of it, he positioned her across his lap, baring her backside. He caressed her bottom for a moment and swept a finger between the indentation of it, making her quiver with desire. The first smack took her by surprise, even though she'd been expecting it. It stung, but didn't truly hurt, and she gasped. Again his palm connected with her fleshy bottom and she moaned softly.

She loved this game. Erik had never struck her with the intention of harming her. This was something quite different, something that had angered her a bit the first time he'd done it, but when she realized his intention hadn't been to cause her pain, she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

He smacked her bottom a few more times, warming it. Bera tingled all over. The anticipation of what was to come almost overwhelmed her. Her nipples tightened and the sensitive flesh between her legs ached and pulsed. No doubt she was thoroughly drenched with passion.

Erik stopped smacking her bottom and caressed the heated flesh, then he bent and kissed each cheek. His fingers slid between her legs and eased into her pussy. They explored gently, making her even more eager for another part of him to fill her, and that part was oh-so-ready. His thick, hard cock pushed against her through his trousers.

"I think you need some pleasurable punishment too," she said, straining to glance at him over her shoulder. Her position combined with the excitement of his touch made her face feel hot and flushed.

Erik chuckled again and tugged her upward so that she sat on his lap. Looping her arms around his neck, she kissed his mouth, enjoying the tickle of his beard against her face.

"Woman, if you think I'm going to let you smack my bottom—"

"Actually, I had something else in mind." She slid off his lap and knelt between his legs. Her hand cupped the great bulge in the front of his trousers, then she rubbed her face against it.

"Ahh, gods," he groaned. "Move back. I have to free myself of these trousers lest I burst through them."

Falling back onto her elbows, she cast him a teasing look. "It would be difficult to explain why your crotch needs mending, that's for sure."

He chuckled again, pulled off his boots and trousers and flung them aside. Bera wasted no time before once again settling between his legs. She clasped his thick shaft, relishing its stiffness beneath his silken flesh. Licking her lips, she leaned closer to him, then rolled her tongue over his bulging cock head. She flicked the underside while stroking his cock and balls.

While she devoured him, Erik caressed her hair and murmured endearments that made her stomach flutter with love and desire.

She knew by the raggedness of his breathing and the tension in his body when he was close to the edge, so she paused and sat back on her heels.

His broad chest heaving and his cock rock-hard, the tip gleaming from her attentions, Erik stared at her with smoldering eyes.

Passion flooded her entire body and she desperately wanted him to claim her now. She needed to feel his big, warm body over hers and she wanted his cock buried in her soft, wet flesh.

Erik apparently needed the same thing, because he joined her on the floor. His body covered hers and he grasped her wrists in one hand, pinning them above her head while gazing deeply into her eyes.

"Bera," he said, his voice soft yet ragged with desire. He brushed his lips across her forehead, then covered her mouth in a kiss.

The bulging tip of his cock pressed into her and he filled her slowly while at the same time plundering her mouth with his tongue. He released her wrists and braced a hand on either side of her head while pumping in a steady rhythm that pushed her closer and closer to ecstasy.

Bera wrapped her arms and legs around him. Closing her eyes, she relished the sensation of his skin against hers. His fresh, masculine scent filled her with each excited breath.

"Erik, please," she murmured, her body tensing as she neared the edge. It felt too good for words.

He made a sound somewhere between a groan and a growl and pumped faster. Bera burst in a marvelous haze of passion. Clinging to him until her muscles ached, she came long and hard, pulsing around his cock and drawing him even deeper inside her.


Overwhelmed by her climax, Erik thrust faster and harder, his heart pounding in a desperate rhythm. Gods he loved this woman more than he'd ever imagined loving anyone. She not only pleasured his body, but soothed his soul. From the moment they'd met, he knew they were meant to be together, a match made by the gods.

His neck arched back and he gasped her name as he surged into her, filling her with his seed and claiming her body as she had claimed his heart.

Erik withdrew from her and rolled onto his back, pulling her close to him.

For several moments they rested, then he shifted his position, grunting since his shoulder had started to ache again.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just muscle strain from hauling wood today."

She sat up and grasped his hand, tugging him to a sitting position. "Maybe it will help if I rub it for you?"

Erik smiled and sat with his back to her. His eyes closed and he groaned with pleasure as her strong little hands massaged his shoulder and back.

Tonight when they retired to the bed closet, he'd show his wife more pleasures.

Bera's hands slid over his chest and she nuzzled his neck.

Or maybe she would show him more pleasures.

The woman never failed to surprise him.

The End

Copyright 2009 Kate Hill