Copyright May 2000

**This is a VERY sensual poem and not intended for those under 18**

You pushed me up against a wall, stating your demands.
Compliance was the only answer allowed
Your hands bruising my delicate skin
I eagerly await you
Your need evident in your voice, your actions are punishment
Chastisement for pushing you over the edge
I smile further, taunting you
Feigning boredom which hides my true nature.
I want you, like this
Control lost, wild, reckless. 
My shirt is ripped open, the tearing of seam driving you further
Feasting on the body that is yours
Plaintive cries beckon for gentleness
Yet actions implore more of the unrestrained strength.
Too many barriers for you, too many obstacles
My clothing are yanked off, my breasts exposed to your hungry mouth
Savage ravishing flames my body
You press my back against the wall, grinding yourself into me
Forcing my legs wider, letting go of my hands and slipping them under my bottom
Your hold on me is secure
“Damn you!”  I scream.
The pressure is exquisite
The quivering, the lines of contention blurred
Nothing matter after that, just the glory of his invasion
Fevered passion, fierce sensations melting me over you
Hard powerful thrusts making me senseless, gasping for air
An obsessed man, you move out of me and turn me around.
The cold wall against me.
The roughness of you, moving me to your pleasing.
Before I can complain, you are deep inside me
Slowly you pull out, pausing at the limit of your withdrawal
I’m frantic, panting, begging, swinging back as much as possible
You torture me with your hard-driving thrusts
Relishing in my wild cries
Pure domination over me
I’m lost, ruled by the intoxicating rapture
Keeping me in this realm, we reach climax
Spent, mindless,
I can not even consider breathing
Caressing my bottom, you whisper in my ear
“My dear, we are far from finished.”
A silent smile crosses my face
What other things await me in your touch?

--Mila Ramos