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100% Completion by H B Kurtzwilde
33 A Gay Love Story by J. J. South
A Walk Through Fire by Felice Stevens

A Civilized Mating:  Book 5 by Marie Harte

A Dillon Sandwich:  Book 1 by Joyee Flynn
A Dom’s Decision:  Book 2 by Raven McAllan
A Gift From Home by Regina Paul
A Liar’s Moon:  Book 2 by Joy Lynn Fielding
A Place to Belong by Hurri Cosmo
A Promise Given
A Prophecy of Destiny
A Raging Fire:  Book 3 by Adam Carpenter
A Risk Worth Taking by Carolyn Levinn Topol
A Secret Match by Kelli A. Wilkins
A Supernatural Experience by Addison Avery
A Test of Love
A Werewolf’s Howl:  Book 4 by Bronwyn Heeley
A Zane Po’ Boy:  Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Above The Dungeon
Accepting the Alpha:  Book 1 by JJ Black
Adwaka’s Blade:  Book 4 by Stormy Glenn
After Hours by Ardith Bale
Afternoon Delight by Caitlin Ricci
Agent Chris:  Book 3 by Blair Nightingale
Air Demon:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
All the Boys:  A Collection of Five Erotic Stories by Sommer Marsden, Michael Bracken, Landon Dixon, Thom Gautier, Thomas Fuch
All’s Fair in Mate Bonds and Publishing by Alana Ankh
Aloes by Chris Quinton
Alphabet Soup by CB Conwy
An Alpha’s Pride:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
An Erie Operetta:  Book 2 by V.L. Locey
Andre By D.J. Manly
Angel by Laura Lee
Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters
Another F-Word by Lissa Brown
Another Way by Anna Martin
Araton’s Destiny:  Book 1 by Serena Yates
As Midnight Loves the Moon by Beth D. Carter
Attitude on Whells by Sean Michael
Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes
Awakening the Alpha by Carolina Valdez
Awakening Delilah:  Book 4 by Abigail Barnette
Back Roads:  Book 4 by Gabrielle Evans
Backfire:  Book 3 by Gale Stanley
Bad Boy Billionaires:  Wall Street Shark by Ryan Field
Bareback on the Beach:  Book 1 by Missy Lyons and Cherie Denis
Barefoot Kill by R.W. Clinger
Barnabas Leopold:  Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Bathroom Trysts by Mykola Dementiuk
Begin and End with You:  Book 5 by A.R. Moler
Being:  Book 6 by Amy Lane
Believe by Megan Slayer
Ben in the Shadows:  book 2 by Ellen Ginsberg
Best of Lesbian Romance 2013 Edited by Radclyffee
Beyond Friends by Xondra Day
Big Bone Lick Pack by Jambrea Jo Jones, Kendall McKenna, Cherie Noel
Big Diehl
Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique Frost
Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too:  Book 10 by Mark Zubro
Black Male by Evelynne Fox
Blank by Sommer Marsden
Blind Under the Moon:  Book 1 by S.A. Welsh
Blind Passion by Penny Brandon
Blood Contract:  Book 8 by Stormy Glenn
Blood of the Fallen by Dakota Rebel
Blood Prince
Bloody Aria by Lorraine Ulrich
Blowing off Steam by Joy Lynn Fielding
Bondage Slave for hire by Laura Tolomei
Bonds of Love by Mickie B. Ashling
Boundary Conditions by Alex D. Opal
Box of Nails:  Marking Repairs by Sean Michael
Boystown 4:  A Time for Secrets:  Book 4 by Marshall Thornton
Braided Lives 2:  Splicing by AR Moler
Breaking in the New Guy by JC Holly
Breath Me In:  Book 6.5 by Lex Valentine
By the Numbers by Christ Owen & Tory Temple
Café’ De L’Amour by J M Snyder
Call Me Sir, Too
Camouflage Wife
Caron High News by Annabelle Jay
Cat’s Pride by Stormy Glenn
Catalyst by S. L. Armstrong and K. Piet
Catting Around:  Book 16 by Charlie Richards
Caught by Surprise by LD Madison
Cereus:  Opening:  Book 2 by Sean Michae, Julia Talbot, B A Tortuga
Chameleon Wolf:  Delta Wolf Book 1 by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
Change of Heart by Mary Calmes
Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo
Chase of An Adventure:  Fifty Shades of Gay by Ryan Field
Chasing Matt by Nikka Michaels & Eileen Griffin
Chasing Shadows by Jez Morrow
Cheetah in Charge:  Book 6 by Joyee Flynn
Cherish by Shawn Bailey
Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde
Choosing Love:  Book 1 by Winona Wilder
Climbing the Ladder:  Book 1 by BA Tortuga
Collin’s Awakening:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen
Controlling his Illusion:  Book 4 by Ellen Cross
Controlling the Burn by Tonya Ramagos
Conway’s Curse by Patric Michael
Coral Were His Bones by Barbara Geiger
Counterpoint:  Dylan’s Story by Ruth Sims
Counterpoint:  Song of the Fallen, Book 1 by Rachel Haimowitz
Cowboy Courage:  Book 4 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Dreams
Cowboy Easy:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Keeper:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Up:  Book 5 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Way:  Book 3 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy’s Challenge by Susan Laine
Coyote’s Creed:  Book 1 by Vaughn Demont
Crank’s Craving:  Book 6 by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen
Craving Owen:  Book 1 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Cruising Adventures by Nicole Dennis
Cry Wolf:  Book 2 by Shannon West
Damages Incurred:  Book 4 by J.R. Gray
Damian:  Book 5 by Joyee Flynn
Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher
Dangerously Midnight by Buffy Christopher
Danny in the Dark:  Book 1 by Ellen Ginsberg
Dare to Love Forever:  Book 1 by JC Wallace
Dark Court:  Dark Side of the Veil
Dark Sun by MJ O’Shea
Death by Dragon by Madeleine Ribbon
Deconstruction by Kit Zheng
Deep Desire:  Book 1 by Z.A. Maxfield
Demon of Mine by Rayna Vause
Desert Country by Wayne Mansfield
Destinies in Darkness Part 1:  Book 3: Kaldor Saga by Scarlet Hyacinth
Destinies in Darkness Part 2:  Book 3: Kaldor Saga by Scarlet Hyacinth
Dharma Café by Jessica Freely
Dignity Takes a Holiday by Rick Reed
Disowned Cowboys by J. Rose Allister
Doing Love Right by Diana Dericci
Double Black:  Book 2 by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid
Dr Zach’s Hot Fireman by Tamsin Baker
Dragon Ours:  Book 2 by Joyee Flynn
Dragon’s Bloodmoon:  Book 4 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Dragonblade:  Book 2 by Mychael Black
Dreaming of Her by Maggie Morton
Dying Assassin Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Edric:  Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Emerald Fire by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
Emergency:  A City Hospital Novel
Encantado by Cinzia Maro
End of the Line:  Book 1 by Lynn Hagen
Enough by Matthew Metzger
Enthralled by Jennifer August
Evan’s Heaven
Fallen by Pia Veleno
Fallon’s Raven:  Book 4 by Stephanie Hecht and Jacki Nacht
Fangs over America:  Book 4 by Wynn Wagner
Fighting Chance:  Book 2 by Viki Lyn
Finding Deaglan by George Seaton
Finding Frankie:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Finding Home by Rebecca Bronchu
Fire Demon by Stormy Glenn
Flirt:  Book 2 by Mina Kelly
Floggers’ Holiday Sale by H.C. Brown, Stormy Glenn
For a Dragon’s Treasure:  Book 3 by Charlie Richards
Forbidden Fruit #1 Sweet Strawberry
Forever May Not be Long Enough:  Book 3 by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael
Foxe Hunt:  Book 2 by Haley Walsh
Freeing Silver:  Book 2 by Blair Nightingale
From the Ashes:  Book 2 by Cash Cole
Fur and Flightless:  Book 10 by Joyee Flynn
Future Imperfect by Pelaam
Gabriel:  Book 3 by DJ Manly
Game Misconduct by V.L. Locey
Goblin Fires:  Book 1 by Brantwijn Serrah
Going Under:  Book 8 by Tonya Ramagos
Goodbye Scrooge by Jaime Samms
Grassland by Carol Lynne
Grayscale:  Book 1 by Rebecca Brochu
Half a Man by Scarlet Blackwell
Handcuffs and Ball Gags:  Book 6 by Kim Dare
Handcuffs and Pretty Things:  Book 8 by Kim Dare
Handcuffs and Spreader Bars:  Book 5 by Kim Dare
Hawk’s Pretty Baby:  Borac Pack 2 by Lynn Hagen
Heart Mate by Stormy Glenn
Heart of a Hero:  Book 1 by James Cox
Heart Song:  True Blood Mate Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Hearts and Minds by M.D. Grimm
Hearts Under Fire by H. J. Raine & Kelly Wyre
Heartstrings:  Book 4 by Eresse
Heat of the Moment by Adam Carpenter
His by Elizabeth Coldwell
Hitman’s Creed by Edward Kendrick
Hold your Fire by Sunny Day
Home and Away by Samantha Wayland
Home Sweet Home by John Simpson
Honor Bound:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Honorable Silence Anthology: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by Maura Anderson, William Maltese, George Seaton, Lex Valentine
Horse of Bells by Pelaam
House of Stone by Vaughn R. Demont
How We Operate by A.R. Moler
Hunt:  Book 2 by Bailey Bradford
Hunter Angel:  Midnight Gamble: Book 3 by Ryssa Edwards
Hunting Henry:  Book 8 by Amber Kell
I Kissed a Boy
I’m Saying Yes by E. M. Holland
Ice Man by Kyann Waters
Imlay’s Cure:  book 3 by Stormy Glenn
Inches of Trust:  Volume 1 by A.R. Moler
Insatiable by Marie March
It Was Supposed to be a Vacation
Jasper’s Journey by Lisa Marie Davis
Jeremy:  Book 5 by Catherine Lievens
Just a Vampire by Stormy Glenn
Kian:  Book 1 by RJ Scott
Kindred Hearts by GS Wiley
Kiss Across Swords:  Book 2 by Travy Cooper Posey
Kiss and Tell by S.C. Wynne
Kiss Me, Straight by Michael P. Thomas
Kyle’s Return:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn/Lynn Hagen
Lair of the Jaguar God by Marie Dees
Lance:  Book 3 by Jet Mykles
Last Goode Knight:  Book 3 by Shad O. Walker
Last Stop by Lou Harper
Leap of Faith: Book 1 by Gabrielle Evans
Leather & Lave:  Bok 2 by A.B. Gayle
Legally Bound:  Book 1 by J.R. Gray
Lethal Artist:  Danzionna – Book 3 by Cia Leah
Linebacker:  Book 5 by Anitra Lynn McLeod
Lips of Velvet by Virginia Nelson
Lone Wolf by Shelly Munro
Lord & Master by H C Brown
Lorenzo Il Magnifico by Tristram La Roche
Love Always, Promise
Love in the Land of Fire by Rebecca Brochu
Love’s Denial:  Warrior Camp Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Loving Aiden by Ashavandoyon
Loving Samuel by Martin DeLaCroix
Loving Someone Extraordinary by K.M. Mahoney
Luke’s Surprise:  Book 1 by Lavinia Lewis
Lust & Vamp:  Book 2 in the Anything Goes Series by Joyee Flynn
Lust in London
Lustful Torment: The Hightower Series Book 4 by Annie Alvarez
Mahu Men:  Mysterious and Erotic Stories
Man and Wolf by Kate Roman
Mandarin Orange:  Sweet and Sour by T. C. Blue
Mates in Life and Death:  Book 2 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Mating Games: Book 2 in the Delta Wolf Series by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
Mating Michael by Diana Sheridan
Maverick’s Mate:  Brac Pack Book 1 by Lynn Hagen
Mending Shattered Souls:  Book 4 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Mercury Rising:  The Gods at Sea by Daisy Harris
Mia Case Files:  Wolfbane
Mia Case Files:  Blood Relations:  Book 2 in the MIA Cast Files Series by K.C. Burns
Midnight Rodeo by Kiernan Kelly, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga
Might’s Karma:  Book 11 by Stephani Hecht
Mindscape by Tal Valante
Moments by R. J. Scott
Monte’s Marines:  Dark Court: Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
Moon Shadows by Neena Jaydon
Moonspun by Lee Benoit
More Than Make-Believe
Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan
Mother May I by Draw Zachray
My Alien Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
My Beagle, The Yenta by Terry O’Reilly
My Ghostly Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
My Angel Cheetah:  Book 4 by Joyee Flynn
My Big Fat Sx-File Wedding:  Book 5 by Mimi Riser
My Feisty Kitten:  Book 7 by Joyee Flynn
My Girl by Stormy Glenn
My Little Kitty: Purrfect Mates 2 by Joey Flynn
My Maven, My Everything: Book 1 by Joyee Flynn
My Vampire Boyfriend:  Book 2 by Elizabeth Monvey
Never Met a Stranger by J.M. Snyder
Night School Vampire by AJ Llewellyn & DJ Manly
Noble Metals by L.A. Witt
Nordic Prince by Heather Geoffries
Normal Miguel by Erik Orrantia
Notice by M. Raiya
On Dragon’s Wings by Pelaam
On the Wings of a Butterfly:  Book 1 by Scarlet hyacinth
Opportunity Knocks:  Book 1 by L.D. Blakely
Oracle by R. J. Scott
Orion’s Way by DC Juris
Other Side of Night:  Bastian & Riley by S L Armstrong & K Piet
Our December by Diane Adams
Our Omega: Book 2 by JJ Black
Our Sexy Tiger:  Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Out of Focus by L.A. Witt
Pain Management by Cassidy Ryan and Zoe Nichols
Painted Love by Kimberly Duncan
Pale as a Ghost by Stephen Osbourne
Paul’s D’Marco
Pavarus:  Book 1 by Jennifer Wright
Pax’s Blues:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen
Picture Me Perfect
Pleasing Michael by Stormy Glenn
Point of Beginning: Book 1 by Gale Stanley
Possession:  Devlin Island, Book 1 by S.W. Vaughn
Pretty Baby: Book 7 by Stormy Glenn
Pride Mate:  Katzman 3 by Stormy Glenn
Prodigal Wolf:  Book 1 by Le Franks & Sara York
Rainbow Blues by K C Burn
Refining Limits:  Exploring Limits Series Book Three by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna
Regency Nights by Kitti Barnetti
Rehabilitating his Dingo:  Book 23 by Charlie Richards
Remarkable Restraint:  Book 1 by Devon Rhodes
Remi’s Pup:  Book 4 by Lynn Hagen
Re-Scue by Laura Tolomei
Rescuing Jack by Caitlin Ricci
Rising Sun by MH O’Shea
River’s Pet, Angel: Book 2 by Christine Shaw
Rock Star Baby by Erin M. Leaf
Rock Stars and Size Queens by Sean Michael
Rogue:  Book 2 by Teya Martin
Royal Line by Sean Michael
Ruby:  Lost and Found by M.D. Grimm
Rumpling Riley by Virginia Nelson
Sacrifice: Book 5 by Stevie Woods
Sacrificial Sex
Safe by Mark Zubro
Salad on the Side by Karenna Colcroft
Savage Awakenings:  Book 3 by Stephani Hecht
Saved by the Hawk:  Book 1 by Stephanie Hecht and Jackie Nacht
Scales and a Tail:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
Scent of a Wolf by Draven St. James
Sealed by Magic:  Book 2 by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
Seduction of a Proper Lady:  A Regency Menage Tale by Kristabel Reed
Seeking my Werewolf:  Book 3 by Bronwyn Heeley
Serendipity by Mallory Path
Sessions by Annie Alvarez
Shadowed by Cari Z
Shadows of the Past by Lisa Marie Davis
Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Stormy Glenn
Shattered Glass by AC Katt
Shattered Wings by Bryan Healey
She Shifters by Paisley Smith, et al
Sheriff Found:  Hiding Hounds 1 by Joyee Flynn
Shipwreck Bay by A.J. Lewellen
Silver Bullets:  Book 1by Patricia Logan
Simply Perfect:  Book 8 by Lynn Hagen
Sluggo Snares a Vampire by Rick R. Reed
Something Different by S.A. Reid
Something Like Summer by Jay Bell
Soul Reaper:  Book 2 by Crymsyn Hart
South Sea Siren by Heather Geoffries
Sparkle and Purr:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Spell of the Predator’s Moon:  Book 3 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Spell-Crafted for Pleasure by Darragha Foster
Spells and Bananas:  Book 8 by Joyee Flynn
Squeak and a Roar:  Book 1 by Joyee Flynn
Star-Crossed Mates:  Book 5 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Starman by Stormy Glenn
Stealing my Heart Anthology
Stone Cold Beast:  Book 2 by Karly Germain
Stories Beneath our Skin by Veronica Sloan
Stormy Eyes:  Book 5 by Lynn Hagen
Strange Bedfellows by Q Kelly
Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza by Ryan Field
Stretching limits
Stripes and Twin Horns:  Book 15 by Joyee Flynn
Strung Tight:  Book 6 by Berengaria Brown
Sub Rosa:  Book 2 by Susan Laine
Sunshine and Love by Doris O’Connor
Sunshine’s Kiss:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Sunshine’s Savior:  Book 3 by Lynn Hagen
Switching Gears
Taken by the Pack: Book 1 by Cheryl Dragon
Taking Control by Virginia Nelson
Taste Me:  Book 1 by Marie Medina
Tease by Mina Kelly
Tech Support by J. M. Snyder
Tell the Bees I’m Sorry by Felicitas Ivey
Temptation Eyes by A.J. Lewellyn & D.J. Manly
Tempting the Bear:  Book 12 by Charlie Richards

That Stormy Knight:  Book 4 by Shad O. Walker

The Dragon’s Lover:  Book 2 y Marie Medina
The Wolf’s Healing Touch:  Book 22 by Charlie Richards
The Bad Wolf:  Book 2 by Meredith Russell
The Bear’s True Mate:  Book 1 by Elizabeth Monvey
The Bigger They Come:  Book 1 by Ari McKay
The Blue Moon Café
The Briary Rose:  Controlling Parker by San Michael
The Calm Before the Storm by Mandy Rosko
The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons by Angela Fiddler
The Cat’s Meow Book 1:  Assassin’s Pride by Stormy Glenn
The Charlie Factor by Diana Dericci
The Chauffeur:  Book 2 by Serena Yates
The Chosen by Annette Gisby
The City of Lovely Brothers by Anel Viz

The Cop and the Geek by Cat Blaine

The Curse of the Magical Balls by Penelope Rivers
The Defeat of Lawson:  Book 30
The Delightfully Wicked Punishment of Takashi Yamashita by Sedonia Guillon
The Demon Who Fed on a Shark:  Book 7 by Scarlet Hyacinth
The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher
The Egyptian Slave by Alcamia Payne
The Enchanted Earl:  Book 1 by Cassandra Pierce
The Final Addition: Book 4 by Joyee Flynn
The First Hello by Willa Okati
The Game:  Virtus Saga Book 2 by Laura Tolomei
The Good Boy by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock
The Good Wolf by Meredith Russell
The Highwayman by R.W. Clinger
The Keeper by S. L. Armstrong and K. Piet

The King of Hell’s Kitchen by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

The Lamb Who Cried Wolf by Scarlet Hyacinth
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Deanna Wadsworth
The Link that Binds by Dawn H. Hawkes
The Lynx Who Purred for a Sidhe Prince: Book 9 by Scarlet Hyacinth
The Mark of Cain:  Book 1 by Cash Cole
The Mistletoe Phenomenon
The Moon by Sean Michael
The New Wolf:  Book 1 by RJ Scott
The Paranormal Detection Agency by Anne Brooke
The Pirate’s Surrender:  Book 2 by Laura Tolomei
The Prince’s Angel:  Book 1 by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael
The Rock Star and the Wolf by JC Holly
The Scientists and the Supermodel
The Sea Calls My Name by Hollis Shiloh
The Secret of Talmor Manor by Matthew Lang
The Sex – Book 1: Virtus Saga by Laura Tolomei
The Shunned
The Siberian by Carolina Valdez
The Solitary Kinights of Pelham Bay Book 1:  Finding Chandler
The Supplicant:  Tales from Neverland by Ardith Bale
The Sweet One by Andi Anderson
The Sweetest Revenge by Lucy Felthouse
The Ties that Bind
The V in Valor by J. M. Snyder
The Vampire Contract:  Book 1 by R.J. Scott
The Vampire and the Plant Guy by Helen Louise Caroll
The Vampire’s Kiss:  Book 3 by Marie Medina
The Velvet Interrogation
The Walled Garden by F.M. Parkinson
The Wolf and the Raven:  Book 2 by Scarlet Hyacinth
The Wolf who Hatched an Egg:  Book 2 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Three Mates, One Destiny: Book 4 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Three Men and a Bounty by Gigi Moore
Tis’ The Season for Seduction by Maya Deleina, May Water, Nicole Morgan, Tammy Dennings Maggy, Lia Michaels
To Keep and to Love
To Seduce a Soulmate
Trannys To Tiaras by Robin Anderson
Transcend, the Fillmore Agency by West Thornhill
Travis Rhodes:  Book 4 by Joyee Flynn
Triad by Cheyenne Meadows
Tricks by Rick R. Reed
Trickster by Nicola Cameron
Trompe L’Oeil by K.C. Burn
Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas;  Manlove Edition Anthology by J.P. Barnaby, K.C. Beaumont, and Troy Storm
Two Chances
Two Marked Men by Roland Graeme
Two Mates for a Magistrate:  Book 3 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Uncaged:  Book 3 by Kiernan Kelly
Under his Boss by Doris O’Connor
Undercover Nights:  Book 2 by Patricia Logan
Unlawful by Jessica Freely
Unspoken by R.A. Padmos
Unspoken Desires
Valley of the Dudes
Valor On the Move by Keira Andrews
Veil of Scars by J.R. Gray
Velvet by Xavier Axelson
Velvet Memories by Violet Summers
Victor:  Book 4 by Joyee Flynn
Violet:  Thunder
Virgin Ass:  First Time Tales of Anal Sex by Brent Archer, et al
Visionquest by Laura Tolomei
Volunteered to the Future:  Book 1 by H.B. Kurtzwilde
Vyper by Kiernan Kelly
Warrior Nights: Book 3 by Patricia Logan
Warrior Women: Book 3, Bowdancer Series by Janie Franz
Warrior, Ride Hard:  Book 1 by Erin O’Quinn
Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse
Were Lost:  The Were Chronicles, Book 1 by Aeryn Traxx
What a Lady Wants by DC Juris
What Once was Lost:  Book 7 by Stormy Glenn/Lynn Hagen
White Paws and a Dram:  Book 9 by Stormy Glenn
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf:  Book 6 in the Wolf Creek Series by Stormy Glenn
Wicked Hearts
Winning her Racy Heart:  Book 1 by Tara Rose
Winter’s Risk:  Book 3 by Mechele Armstrong
Witch Hunt by Nick Chivers
Wolf in the Fold by Angela Plowman
Wolf Moon by Vic Winter
Wolf’s Sacrifice:  Book 2 by Draven St. James
Wolfe and His Bunny by Susan Laine
Wrestling with Love by D. H. Starr
Yogi and the Bear by Nix Nox
Yummy Indulgences:  Book 2 by Andi Anderson
Zero to 165:  Book 2 by A.R. Moler






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