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Book 2: Stella Hardesty Books
ISBN#: 9780312559755
June 8, 2010
Minotaur Books
$24.99 US/$29.99 CAN
304 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Living with a man who beats you is hard, but Stella Hardesty did it for over thirty years, until one day she decided to put an end to it. Now, she is a widow running her husband’s sewing shop with a little side business she is proud of. Stella fights for the women who finally say enough is enough. She crosses the line where the law stops and she rights a few wrongs.

Sheriff Goat Jones believes in walking on the right side of the law no matter what. He has overlooked a few incidences involving Stella, but when she begins to interfere in his investigation, he gets more than a little upset. Of course, on the personal side of his life, Goat would love to get a bit cozier with Stella.

A tornado blowing into any town brings a lot of problems with it, but the one that blows into Prosper, Missouri, one evening brings a heap of trouble. Goat’s ex-wife, Brandy, ends up ruining his date with Stella while a snack shack is destroyed at the local demolition derby track. The destruction of the snack shack is not the problem, it is the body buried in the foundation that raises a few questions. Goat and Stella both have their hands full trying to solve the mystery of the mummified woman and how she got there. Never mind that Brandy is making trouble for Goat and Stella as they attempt to begin a relationship.

It took me a couple of chapters to begin understanding what was happening. However, once the author brings the reader into the loop, the characters come to life. Stella is a tough woman and she does not take any lip from anyone except those she loves, which is something I admire about her. Ms. Littlefield uses humor in a way that keeps some of the situations from becoming too dark. That is what made it a very fun read for this reviewer. I always appreciate a story where the characters draw you into the pages. Stella, Goat and the gang of A Bad Day for Pretty did just that.

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