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Anita Cox  

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Though Grace McGovern just graduated college, she’s restless, and to top it off, she finds herself single and unsatisfied with relationships in general.

Roman intends to claim Grace and make her his mate and part of his pack. He’s searched for her for five years and now she’s within his longing grasp, apart from one minor problem. She has no idea she’s a wolf.

As Grace tries to identify and cope with her inner wolf, she also needs to figure out the unprecedented and undeniable pull Roman has on her. Could he finally offer her the fulfilling relationship for which she’s been yearning?

Sandie Grubor  

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After serving in the Army, Candi Reynolds has returned home to her Grandmother's small town. She hopes for a quiet life but instead finds mystery, murder, and an oh-so-hot vampire who leaves her questioning her feelings. 

Searching for answers to his own mystery, Victor Harlow finds himself drawn into Candi's search for the murderer and finds himself attracted to the beautiful witch. 

With the help of Candi's best friend, and a werewolf detective they race against time to find the killers before they become the next victims. Can Candi harness all the powers she possess to save them and give their love a chance? 





Angela Kay Austin  

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The choice was to run for freedom or die never having been valued as a human -- as a woman. The penalty was the same -- death! 

Freedom and her brother, Triumph, would fight for their lives and the lives of the ones whom they loved no matter the cost. Escaping bondage meant they must RUN! Run to Moses. Run to the Promised Land. 

Watson Brown knew all too well the struggle to survive. The fight to live. He had been given a second chance to do what he had failed to do in life -- as a human. What he and his father could not do before the Harpers Ferry Raid. 

The runaway slave and her brother were a distraction. 

He could afford no interferences with his mission. He nor his family could risk exposure.
BJ McCall  

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Kissa Troy mistakenly believes she's safe in her identity as Beth Smith. No one knows she's a mountain cat shifter and hiding from the Catamounts, a dangerous shifter cult. One day, a sexy alpha wolf walks into her life. Shaking off a determined wolf isn't easy. When she's tracked down by the Catamounts, Kissa turns to the wolf for protection.

Wolves and mountain cats are natural enemies, but all it takes is one breath and Clay Thunder is hooked. The sex is hot. The attraction is undeniable. She may be a cat with trouble on her tail, but she's the one.

Still. A wolf and a mountain cat?

Alicia Dean  

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Downton Abbey meets Sex and the City…

She vowed she’d be no man’s doxy, but fate had other plans...

After the Earl of Goodwin attempts to force himself on her, housemaid Eliza Gilbert flees England for New York, hoping to build a better life. But the land of opportunity proves as harsh as the London docks, and she finds herself in a situation more dreadful than the one she escaped.

When Vince Taggart’s childhood friend disappears, he heads to New York in search of her and meets Eliza, a woman with a less than honorable reputation. Inexplicably captivated, Vince can’t force himself to stay away, especially when he learns Eliza may be the key to finding his missing friend.

Cynthia Ripley Miller  

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When love commands, destiny must obey.  The year is AD 450.  The Roman Empire wanes as the Medieval Age awakens.  Attila the Hun and his horde conquer their way across Europe into Gaul. Caught between Rome’s tottering empire and Attila’s threat are the Frankish tribes and their ‘Long-Hair’ chiefs, northern pagans in a Roman Christian world, and a people history will call the Merovingians. 

A young widow, Arria longs for a purpose and a challenge.  She is as well versed in politics and diplomacy as any man … but with special skills of her own. 

Emperor Valentinian, determined to gain allies to help stop the Huns, sends a remarkable envoy, a woman, to the Assembly of Warriors in Gaul.  Arria will persuade the Franks to stand with Rome against Attila.

When barbarian raiders abduct Arria, the Frank blue-eyed warrior, Garic, rescues her.  Alarmed by the instant and passionate attraction she feels, Arria is torn between duty and desire.  Her arranged betrothal to the ambitious tribune, Drusus, her secret enlistment by Valentinian as a courier to Attila the Hun, and a mysterious riddle—threaten their love and propel them into adventure, intrigue, and Attila’s camp.  Rebels in a falling empire, Arria and Garic must find the strength to defy tradition and possess the love prophesied as their destiny.

Jeff Striker  

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James Walker always had a strong desire to help others. Now, as an adult, he has been selected to join an experimental research program which could benefit millions of people. Much to his dismay, Jim discovers he has become an unwilling pawn, in a game with much higher stakes. Someone is ordering all the research facilities responsible for creating the nanotechnology that fuels his special abilities to be destroyed, but why? Teamed with Dr. Elizabeth Stevens, the duo must find out whom or what is behind the threat before it leads to a much greater loss of life. With strong ties to a global organization that secretly funds the project, Jim must also learn if Elizabeth can be trusted, why she is withholding information vital to their mission, and why they are blocked at every turn.



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