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Today we’re happy to be interviewing the ever so delightful Cinearea Santiago, Author of the Abraxas Series and just fun to chat with!  Look out, we asked her a few good questions!

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a 34 year old writeaholoc with a passion for all things beautiful and gothic. I like to think outside the box, which is why the mundanes can't seem to click with me. It's like being a chocolate chip cookie in a tin full of oatmeal ones---but that's quite okay, I found my little Clan and am quite happy with that!

What inspired you to write Abraxas series?

It started out as just a story to submit to an ebook publisher that was conducting a contest a long while back. Although it wasn't chosen, this series has expanded into something more than I imagined. I can't say where the story itself came from, but when I read the contest rules, immediately a few charactrer's 'voices' started talking to me in my head, so the more I listened to them, the more they fleshed themselves out and became the series it is today. I'm currently working on the fourth story and hope to have it out by this summer.

Who are your idols as a writer?

Well, I can definitely say I've admired Stephen King's older wiorks ever since I was in 6th grade. I was reading his books then, which definitely garnered funny looks from my classmates!

Do you have any peculiar habits when you write?

I like to have a glass of wine beside me as I write. It helps me communicate with my muse a lot easier, lol.

You took a chance writing in first person, awesome!  How does that differ from any other writing you’ve done previously?

I find it a heck of a lot easier to write in first person. I feel a lot closer to the characters that way. Trying it in different perspectives seems like more of a challenge to me.

Care to give us a synopsis of the Abraxas books?

Our heroine, Christine, finds herself bitten by a vampire, which also unlocks a mysterious power that has lain dormant within her. The power also connects her to her soulmate, Ryan,---whom she soon finds out is actually twice her age and at the total opposite end of the social spectrum. Although he has no qualms with who she is and where she comes from--being a minority working-class girl and all--everything she's been through up until that moment has her second-guessing lots of things, especially her newfound relationship with an upstanding socialite. Throughout the series, there's a medley of events involving rebellious clan members, demon possessions, zombies, ghosts, and even mundane situations, like having to deal with the petty minds of regular people who can't fathom Christine and Ryan's incongruous relationship. Their clan is a lively motley crew of younger vamps who quickly befriend her, and all from different backgrounds and cultures, with their own stories to tell. Folks can read excerpts online, view character pics and profiles, and download free chapters and watch trailers at http://BloodTouch.Webs.Com/abraxas.htm

How does your world differ from traditional vampire mythology?

No sleeping in coffins, that's for sure, lol. Crosses, garlic, holy objects, hallowed ground, etc....mine don't suffer such limitations, lol. Although some minor characters need blood for sustenance and do suffer from some of the above mentioned stuff, my main characters are not bothered by them, and feed from pranic, or 'life' energy. They also look a heck of lot more human than their blood-drinking counterparts. There's a constant argument going on between the two types of vamps when it comes to deciding which one is stronger-- 'blood-drinkers' or 'energy-feeders'--though the energy-feeders have much more of an upperhand, lol.

Do you do anything else besides write?

I love to draw, and create digital art as well. I'm also an amateur photographer--I like taking atmospheric pictures and turning them into B&W Gothic-looking images. I'm Editor/Publisher of Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine--which landed 2nd place in the P&E readers poll for 2008!--that specializes in Gothic and horror stories, art and poetry with a paranormal slant. I also do book-cover designing for Jaded Silence Press and individual clients. I showcase all my work on my website.

Tell us who are the group of writers in your support circle and how have they helped you lately?

My 'Gratista Vampire Clan' are an insanely talented bunch of poets and authors! We're always tossing ideas around, sharing our works, giving each other helpful writing tips, encouragement and support. Best of all, we share a lot of interests, from horror, dark romance, big literary news, and just plain silly stuff to cheer each other up when one's down. They're my online family. Twice a year we do an anthology. Our first one was in the fall of 2007. Our fourth one will be out this March. We have loads of fun doing them. You can check out our books and trailers at http://BloodTouch.Webs.Com/clananthologies.htm. We also have our works featured at

Many authors in this genre juggle too many things, career, family, poor health, Are you an unhealthy author?

I'll say no to that one--I do like to eat as healthy as possible, and fortunately I am not on any types of medication, nor have I ever been, so I'm very thankful for that. And my family is very small--I have my hubby, two mutts, and my dad is still around, and they're no problem at all. My writing is like my own little world I escape to, lol.

What would you like readers to get out of the Abraxas books?

Just the feeling that my characters can relate to the readers in some sort of way, that they can come away thinking, 'wow, these guys seem so real'--as if they could run into my characters on the street at any given day...

How does it feel to know a man who is a voracious romance reader is asking the questions?

I think it's friggin' awesome! I haven't run across that in a looong time, and it's even extra awesome that you're not afraid to admit it, lol.

Lastly, what are your quirks?  Yasmine Galenorn and Maura Anderson have kitties, I have scotch and my bass guitar.  What are yours as a writer?

I collect skulls....and not just fake ones. *grin*

Oh I lied!  Where can readers find you?

Aw, you fibbed?! Maybe I should x-out my last answer too, then, lol! (or perhaps I AM telling the truth....hmmmm...) Folks can find me at, or at, and

Thank you dear for your time!  We really appreciate it and from all of us at Coffee Time Romance & More wish you the best of luck!

An absolute pleasure, thank you! It was quite fun being interviewed by you!





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