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Hi everyone, I have a special guest with me here tonight via live Yahoo Chat. With me now is Nika Dixon and we will be talking about her new book, Second Chances.

Hello Nika, how are you this evening?

I'm doing just fine! Thanks for having me along for the ride tonight!

Well the readers will be pleased to know I'm currently hard at work on several projects, all Romantic Suspense! The first is a follow up to Second Chances, bringing the boys from Core Security back to the pages. The second story, True Deceit, is a new tale revolving around murder, mayhem and reality TV, and the third book is the first in a proposed series; still romantic suspense, but these will have a paranormal flair.

Can you tell us a bit about your current release, Second Chances?

Second Chances plunges you into the world of Casey and Jackson, childhood friends who have grown apart over the years.  

Most of us can remember our first crush, first kiss and our first love. For Casey, it never went away. She’s loved Jackson her whole life, and no matter how many zany stunts she concocted to get his attention, Jackson never saw more than a troublesome kid.  Now that’s she has finally put him behind her, Fate sends her running straight into his arms.  

Jackson has had enough of rescuing “Crazy Casey”, but even he can’t walk away when she turns up injured and on the run from a real threat.  When Casey witnesses a murder, there's no mistaking the harsh reality of her situation. Jackson vows to keep her safe, but soon discovers the cost of his protection is his heart.   

On the run from hired killers, they have to overcome the differences of their past if they want to meet their future, alive.

Now I just loved your opening scene it was terrific and what a way to set the stage.

Thank you! I’ve always visualized my stories in my mind, staging them as though I’m watching a movie. The prologue of Second Chances really set the tone for the rest of the book. The thought of Casey waking up alone and scared really stuck with me. I wanted to portray her confusion and fright, knowing she would do what we all would in that situation—run to the one person we feel the safest with in our lives. In fact, it was that exact scene which ultimately won Second Chances a finalist spot in the Silicon Valley RWA Gotcha Contest!

Now if anyone goes to the website to purchase your book I see there is a nice book trailer there for them.

Yes!  Second Chances does have a book trailer, which hopefully adds another element to the story. To me, a well done trailer can help draw a visual circle around your tale, adding another dimension to the text of the book blurb. The music, the images, everything helps to enhance the plot, and give the reader a sense of what they can expect to find inside the story. I encourage people to check it out, and feel free to let me know what you think! The music alone makes the trailer worth watching. It's an original piece. Very suspenseful!

Yes I saw that and now is this your very first book that readers can purchase by the way?

It is! Second Chances is currently in eBook format available for purchase directly from the publisher (Red Rose Publishing), from MobiPocket, Amazon (Kindle) in the US and the UK, OmniLit and AllRomanceEbooks (to name a few). I am hoping it will advance to print next year, and will certainly keep my readers posted on the status.

OK then, maybe I can help them out a bit here since I have your book page up on my computer right now and here is the link for it including the neat trailer.


I just had it up for reference so why not add that and then now we can add all your other websites if you like as well for your readers. Your email, blog, website and anything else you want them to be able to click onto immediately.

Great!  I have my blog site, Facebook, and twitter as well. There is a contact form on the website, and my email is

And um, that's it!  I don't have a MySpace.

If you like we can now talk about everything coming up with you including the second book and any special dates for you.

Recently, my second book, True Deceit, finaled in the 2009 Toronto Romance Writers Golden Opportunity Contest. The manuscript placed third out of over forty entries in the Romantic Suspense category. The competition was fierce and the other authors absolutely amazing. I'm honoured to have been chosen as a finalist. This ‘win’ also adds a second "finalist" tag to my repertoire since Second Chances was also a contest finalist in the Silicon Valley RWA Gotcha Contest.

Having two back to back books earn two finalist entries is most certainly something I am very proud of!

Over the holidays I'm hoping to finish edits on True Deceit so I can begin the process of seeking a publisher for it. As well, I have several other works in progress, and many more fighting for dominance inside my head. The stories are certainly anxious to get out there!

There has been some talk amongst my fellow Red Rose Publishing authors about having a book signing either in Toronto or Niagara Falls early in 2010, but details are still in the very early stages. I will post information on my blog as soon as it moves out of the ‘maybe’ stage and into something more concrete.  For those of you wondering how someone has a book signing without a book, the eBook is available for purchase on CD from the store. I suppose technically I should call it a CD signing, but book signing sounds so much more fun!

I am also an avid FanFiction writer with several thousand regular readers.  I have won four Fan awards for various stories I've composed. 

That is a lot you have going on but that is also a fantastic way to end this year and the start of the New Year coming up. Now is there anything I have not mentioned that you want or can think of to bring up at this time?

Nothing other than the fact that I'm actively seeking an agent...(Anyone out there interested in representing an award winning romantic suspense author? I'm a hard worker and promise to clean up after myself...) ^_^ 

That is a neat way to say hey for all those agents out there that read our reviews and interviews. I wish you the best on that and let us know if you find someone worthy.

Most definitely! 

Did you want to add where you are from by the way since there are lots of hints in there for should I say, up north in Canada?

I'm in Niagara, a stone's throw from Toronto! Canada!  The Great White North. 

*grins* I thank you so much for coming tonight Nika and I had a wonderful time.

Thank you very much for having me!  I've had a great time. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and hope you're all gearing up for a great holiday season! Thanks!  (waves) Bye all!

And I conclude this fun evening with Nika with a wave and goodnight!






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