DeborahAnne Macgillivray spent the last twenty years helping her grandfather, a retired British Historian, sort, restore and rewrite the history of their family in Scotland and England.  That’s where she came across the basis for her historical novel, A Restless Knight, set in the year before the rising of William Wallace.  She was working on pages for the history of her family in the late 1200s, and thought it a perfect story for a historical romance.  

She currently resides one-half of the year in Britain, the rest in Kentucky―a pattern of her whole life.  Receiving an education on both sides of the Pond gave her an unique perspective into both countries and that is reflected in her novels.  She is a reviewer on staff at The Best Reviews, Paranormal Romance Reviews, Sensual Romance Reviews and Rambles, a Celtic e-magazine.  She is the Reviewers International Organization’s Award of Excellence Chair (2003―2007) and was Assistant Editor of their monthly newsletter for the last two years.  She is a member of: RWA (Romance Writers of America); Hearts Through History RWA online chapter, Editor of Hearts Through History's Newsletter―The Bard Scroll and 2nd Vice President of HHRW; Celtic Hearts RWA; FF&P RWA chapter; History Fiction Writers Society of Britain, and The Ladies in Waiting.

She writes Scottish Medieval Historicals for Kensington’s Zebra Books.  The first, A Restless Knight will be released July 2006 followed by Ravenhawke (August 2007) and another in 2008.  Her other series is a Contemporary Paranormal series for Dorchester’s Love Spell.  The first, Invasion of Falgannon Isle will be released December 2006 and the next, Riding the Thunder, in 2007.  They will be followed by five more books in the series. 

She is co-publisher and editor at Highland Press and has short stories in several anthologies.  Bad Cat, Getting it in the End, and Double, Double, Toil & Trouble are in No Law Against Love (February 2006).  Rider in the Storm (May 2006) is in Blue Moon Magic and Devil in Spurs is in Blue Moon Enchantment (May 2006)Chicken What Du Hell? in Recipe for Love (June 2006).  In October, she has her own anthology with the release of Cat O'Nine Tales, nine stories of the magic of cats and love.


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A Defiant Lady

In Scotland's darkest hour an English warrior dressed all in black has come for her. Blessed with the kenning, Lady Tamlyn MacShane foresaw this day, when the ruthless Lord Julian Challon would conquer her land -- and her heart. She is determined to resist him...but she is no match for his strength...or his sensuality...

A Resolute Lord

To Julian, the proud Scotswoman should be nothing more than a captive. Yeti's Tamlyn's fiery Beauty ensnares him, body and soul. Now, the warrior known as the Black Dragon is in danger of falling under the spell that cannot be broken---the spell of love....

A Restless Knight will be showcased for a week at  Romance Excepts where you can read the first chapter

A Restless Knight will be showcased for a week at Romance Readers which will include an interview


Rider in the Storm by Deborah MacGillivray

Seven years ago this night Ciara MacIain's life "ended" with the tragic death of her fiancé, Derek Adams.  When they pulled his body from the twisted wreckage of his car, her heart died.  Every day of those seven years she did what it took just to get by.  Now on the anniversary of Derek's death, she knows it's time to let go, to move on, so she pays a farewell visit to his grave.  On the way home, in the raining night, she spies a car off the side of the road--precisely in the spot where Derek had died.  Despite knowing it's not wise, she picks up the driver of the car, Roarke Fraser Devlin.  They've never met, but there's a bond pulling them together, showing Ciara that miracles do happen...if only you believe.

Cats and Romance...what could be more magical? Nine tales of the power of love under the watchful eye of some very special pussycats, who always know best. A delightful anthology showcasing stories about nine cats and their 'humans.' From a cat who blogs with a modern day faery, to a cat who acts as 'matchmaker' for his mistress, this anthology will keep you wanting more.
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Blue Moon Enchantment - July 2006

Devil in Spurs by Deborah Macgillivray

Desdein Deshaunt plays a dangerous game with high stakes--the life of his younger brother.  By day he's a fop of the ton, by night he is the highwayman they called the Devil in Spurs.  Whispers said he was a modern day Robin Hood, causing Desdein to laugh.  The only wrong he was out to right was that of the murder of his father.  Oh, they all swore John Deshaunt died in a duel with the Viscount Kildorne.  Desdein knew differently.  The Viscount used the duel to murder Desdein's father.  Ever since that day, he's been using the masquerade of the Devil in Spurs to steal from Kildorne.  Only this night he is stealing the biggest prize of all—Ashlyn, Kildorne's daughter.  He plans to use Ashlyn, ransom her for his brother.  Only he didn't count on wanting to keep Ashlyn for himself.




Deborah Macgillivray