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Coffee Time Romance

This is a touching and heart-warming story of a woman’s fight against cancer and the love she finds along the way. A previous marriage made Vickie bitter towards men, so Josh really has an uphill battle to win Vickie’s heart. It is hard to believe that she resists as long as she does, but I can understand her not wanting to burden another person with her problems. Josh does not give up and I liked his character all the better for it. He is wonderful, but not so nice as to be unbelievable. Vickie’s children were very well described and very realistic, as was the character of Denise. Vickie’s story could have degenerated into a soap opera, but Ms. Lattimer has created a really good and uplifting story of a survivor and the love of her life.

The Romance Studio

Grab a box of tissues! I wish I could adequately portray this beautiful story…you will just have to read it for yourself. It is an emotionally charged look at finding beauty in ugly circumstances. It is a superbly written story which I recommend.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Brenda Talley

Romance Junkies

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Linda Lattimer brings to life the importance of family in our lives with her newest release A FAMILY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. While Victoria's battle with cancer is the pivotal plot, I found the scenes with her children to be extremely emotional and wanted to hug each of them. Their father's absence has left a void in all their lives and now the one person they've always been able to count on is obviously very ill. If any family needs a bit of luck and a loving man in their lives, this is it! Josh enters their lives at just the right time, but convincing Victoria to give him a chance is going to be challenging. This is a powerfully emotional read that I'd highly recommend.

Reviewer:  Chrissy Dionne




     She eyed the ring once more. “This looks vaguely familiar. This was the one that I was spying when I was with mother that day. This is a setup.”

     He stood to his feet, shaking the cramp out that was starting then spied the children at the edge of the kitchen door. “I didn’t know what kind of ring you preferred. It wasn’t a setup. I gather since you are procrastinating that this is a no.”

     “I never said that.”

     “You didn’t have to. Your silence is answering for you. Not to mention the expressionless look tapered on your face.”

     “I need time.”

     “Vickie, how much more time do you need? Isn’t it obvious how much I love you? How crazy I am about you?”

     “I just need...”

     “That is beginning to sound like a broken record, my dearest Victoria.

     “Josh please...


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