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5 cups - Kathy, Coffee Time Romance

Ms. Lattimer has written a heart rending depiction of co-dependence and spousal abuse. She affectively captures the feelings of worthlessness and despair that battered women feel, perfectly illustrating the mental degradation that occurs behind closed doors. I cried for Lizbeth while understanding her reasons, hoping that Mark would come to understand her motives. The methodical break down of Lizbeth’s defenses by her dead husband's perversities had me hopping mad. Mark’s gentle treatment after he started reading her notes had me cheering him on. Bravo Ms. Lattimer, you lit a light of truth to the dark corner of many women’s lives.

The Romance Studio

Linda Lattimer tells a compelling story that was a tad too detailed and made the story boring in places, but if you stick with the book, you will love it! I felt drawn to Lizbeth from the beginning and marveled at her bravery in staying married to that slime. The sex was hot enough and the story flowed smoothly, and A Man For Mom is an excellent read.

Overall rating:

Reviewer: Linda B.





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