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I first started submitting to poetry magazines and short story magazines trying to get my foot in the door and from there received some honorable mentions along with some nice remarks about how they enjoyed the story and to continue on in my work. My English and Literature teachers would tell me I had a knack for writing and telling stories and that I should never stop because it seemed to suit me. I have to admit it is a rough road making it into the door when there are so many publishing houses but it is a dream that I have longed to have for many years and seeing one of my stories in print really does something for the soul. My publishers are great and I get along well with them.

I am a Libra and enjoy fishing, camping, and traveling, something that will always be a love that fills my heart. There is something wonderful about sitting by a lake and listening to the sounds of the crickets and watching a sun set past the waters. It is such a beautiful site to behold. I enjoy music, of late country music and will listen to George Strait and Blake Shelton over and over. Madonna will be a singer that I will always love to listen to.

I live in southern Georgia and like to stay to myself most of the time. I love quiet time. I have three wonderful, loving daughters, Marvetta, Suzanne, and Lisa Renee’ who give me much support and love. We share a bond that is full of love and respect for each other. After losing my hubby on May 26, 2005, so many things have changed in my life, and learning to accept some things hasn’t always been an easy task. On October 18, 2006, we had a shock when Lisa Renee’ son, Dylan, was diagnosed as a diabetic. It was a day that we will never forget and one that really brought us even closer as a family. To me family is important and learning to understand the importance of family in one’s life makes a world of difference.

I love to hear from my readers. Please feel free to email me at LyndaLLattimer@aol.com


I would like to thank all the wonderful people at Raymond Gary State Park to name: Johnny and Sharon Pennell, Randy, Tammy, and Josh Simpson for all the help that they give me during my stay. Thanks to them, they have made life a bit more happier for me. I am lucky to have met such wonderful personnel during my travels. The Park Rangers in the park are the absolute best in the world.  



My favorite genre is the contemporary romance as well as historical romance.

I have always wanted to write ever since I was a small girl. It was something that intrigued me along with reading. I love any type of writing even mystery and westerns. I grew up watching Gunsmoke and all the great westerns. They were a great inspiration to me. I sent my first book to Avalon in 1992 when I saw their listing in the Writer's Market Book. I got back my first rejection letter then things happened in my life that I had to stop sending my stories out. In 2002 I started sending them out again and decided to give Avalon a try. I had some that were returned while others said to send the whole manuscript. Mira Son Park believed in me and gave me the chance at Avalon. I will always be thankful to her for that. I have always read Avalon books but now having a book published by them makes me feel really like a part of their family.


My favorite writers are Carolyn Brown, Cheri Jetton, Roni Denholtz, Sandra Bricker, Kathy Carmichael, Patricia DeGroot, Shelley Galloway, Annette Mahon, Debby Mayne, Lisa Mondello, Fran Shaff, Donna Wright, Kent Conwell, Nancy J. Parra, Billie A. Williams, Rebecca Goings, Lori Derby Bingley, Gail R. Delaney, Sherry Derr-Wille, Mary Jean Kelso, Courtney E. Michel, Belinda Palmer, Marie-Nicole Ryan, Angela Verdenius, Cheryl Wright, Phyllis Campbell, Jennifer Lynn, Jane Shoup, Laura Hamby, Donica Covey, just to name a few. These are just a few of the writers, there are many others. Even Stephen King, Diane Palmer, Madeline Baker. I love reading books by different authors.


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