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For five years Karen Walker has carried her dead husband’s remains with her, never wishing to release him. She has never forgotten the love they shared or their faith in God. Every night, she would always read a chapter in the Bible to him. Now five years later, she continues to do the same, to the ashes that now reside in the urn by her bedside. She promised five years later to take the same trip they took before he died, this time he is in an Urn and her children are very concerned.

When her journey allows her to meet up with a hitchhiking stranger, Karen feels someone is guiding her to offer Ben Carrey a lift when she heads out to Arizona. While most people would ridicule her, she feels a higher power is urging her to trust this one man who could possibly change her life.

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Will the search for her sister's killer lead to Melanie's happy-ever-after?

Melanie Bishop warned her sister Allison not to marry Riley. Now left with her niece and nephew to care for, Melanie learns that Allison never made it to the honeymoon.

FBI Agent Duncan McGregor is undercover working Allison's case, and Melanie will do anything to nail her sister's killer -- including marrying Duncan to help the investigation.

As they work together to find Riley and build a case against him, a deadly threat from Duncan's past threatens to destroy their newfound happiness. Can Duncan keep Melanie and the kid’s safe while bringing a killer to justice?


Marjorie Beasley faces a tough decision when she returns home only to learn her heart is torn for her first love and another. Will her family stand behind her, whatever decision she chooses?


Marjorie's Return is the second book in the Serendipity Sacrifices series


Serendipity was certain she had closed her heart to Buck Calahan. He left town, and all she thought about was taking care of the ranch and raising her sisters. When Buck returns, she learns it is not that easy to keep a rein on the heart.


When an LA lawyer meets a Wyoming Rancher has she finally met her prince charming? Not if her sister has anything to say.

Contemporary Romance


September 2007, My Life with Apache with Whiskey Creek Press
Intro to Story: Historical/Young Adult

Elizabeth Garret was content living with her family in St. Louis, Missouri. But her father wanted a change. He wanted to move out west. See a different territory than what they had been accustomed all these years. He had moved from Montana after he had grown, met and married his wife on a wagon train before settling in St. Louis. Now after all these years, Elizabeth didn’t understand why he wanted to move away. Why to the territory of Arizona where things were barren? Why uproot Ma, Marie and herself to a territory they knew nothing about except for rumors that spread like wildfire? Once their journey begins, Elizabeth soon learns one grows up quickly in the untamed land.


Summer Breeze from The Object of Romance Anthology

A mother desires for her daughter to find love. A daughter desires her mother to stop mourning and begin anew. A young man carries a photo of the one girl he loves after all these years. Will the three be able to ease the other’s pain?


Rain Dancer

The Comanche’s attacked Jacqueline’s home killing her father but she believes otherwise. She places a curse on Rain Dancer and he does the same to her that leads both searching throughout time for a way to break the spell. She is only allowed to think of him, and he only of her. Men may see her and desire her but never will a man have her in his possession because of the curse. After all these years, Rain Dancer has found a body to enter and return to the present to confront his beautiful Jacqueline but acquiring her is not as easy at it appears. And when Rain Dancer/Shayne Mayfield opens her to some new delights and a computer, discoveries of past and present unveil much mystery that neither knew that not only touches them but others as well. But this time it may lead them both to utter destruction.  


Coming in June


Family for the Holidays

A woman with cancer is troubled about the future of her children.  She confides in her male nurse and they become friends.  He admires her strength and determination to protect her family, but she is trying to hide her illness from them also.  How is ever going to deal with the after effect of her treatments and hide them from her children?


Whiskey Shots:  Invisible Fear, Portrait of Fear

Adultery in the Whiskey Shots 3

What happens when one man’s adultery gets the better of him? Don’t rub the person the wrong way; you might not enjoy the consequences.

The Perfect Seclusion

How far will a wife go before she grows tired of the verbal abuse?




One Lane Bridge by Suzanne Weaver and Linda Lattimer


From Darkness by Sheila Holloway, Nell Dixon, and Linda Lattimer with Suzanne Lattimer-Weaver

The Return of the Unwelcomed by Linda Lattimer with Suzanne Lattimer-Weaver
Brandi was certain she had seen the last of the boy who melted her teen-aged heart ten years ago, until Rob rides back into town and into her life. The town doesn't want him back, but a drifting spirit is determined to find a way to bring them together forever.


Hope, An Anthology

A New Beginning
Painful memories disturb Nicole around the Christmas holidays but when a stranded stranger knocks at her door and opens her eyes to the blessings in her life; will she be able to overcome the rocky past?
No More Mr. Lonely
Jack Meyers does not like rejection. He often feels clumsy and a klutz around women, but after Sandra Clairmont enters his life has he finally found his one soul mate or is it just another disappointment?



Fear An Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press

My story, Frieda Mae, is part of an Anthology with some other Whiskey Creek Press authors
When a widower remarries to give his two young sons a mother, the new wife isn’t what she appears. After she starts to dominate the household, a ghost from the past returns making sure those she left behind do not fall in harms way.


Hate Hate An Anthology of Murder and Mystery – Whiskey Creek Press
My story Two Men, Two Women and One Camper 
is part of an anthology with some other Whiskey Creek Press authors. 

Two couples, two secrets, one stranger, a friendship and a marriage about to explode. Can hate really lead the mind to self-destruct?



A Man For Mom, an Encore L’Amour Romance from Wings ePress


When a widow remarries after ten years, she finds it hard to get rid of the ghost of her late husband and the painful memories.


The Last Journey, a Contemporary Romance from By Grace Publishing

Karen Walker takes a gamble when she picks up a hitchhiker after he changes her tire, but being raised by the good book, she believes if someone ask to go a mile, take them twain. She believes in being a Good Samaritan, not considering the consequences. Ben Carrey has be dealt with a troubled life, mostly by his family. He suffers from panic attacks, something Karen understands being a therapist. When they meet, she knows she should never have just picked up a strange man, but she has a feeling that he doesn't appear dangerous. Then again she is traveling with her husband's ashes to visit the west as a last tribute to his memory, he wonders is she even a safe bet. They each ride on a gamble, as they try to understand each other and what life has to offer. She needs him, and he needs her, but neither are willing to be the first to say so.



Trio of Discontent, a mystery from Wings ePress

A year has passed since Monique has heard from Vincent. When he invites her and Colby out to Nevada for a sweet vacation, Colby beams with excitement but Monique has her reservations.  The hills of Nevada prove dangerous for Monique and Colby when a former friend stops at nothing to seek revenge. But will Vincent’s plan succeed?

Excerpt:  Vincent stared out at the dark. His eyes were misty as if tears were blinding his sight. “I feel so ashamed.  I think I may have over stepped something this time. It could backfire on me.”

Colby saw fright depicted in Vincent’s liquid eyes.  Could he really trust him this time?

Follow Mike on his travels from a youngster to an aging man as he recalls fond memories of delightful stories from sadness that pricks the heart, to a new family with tremendous love. A journey that takes him to a war with bloodshed and tears, that brings him back home to question his own existence in life, only to discover increased love that he never knew exited, as his journeys take him from a boy to a man.




Everyone seems to have a skeleton in their closet in the town of Lincoln – only some are worse than others. Even Michele has a skeleton in her closet. But is it a skeleton that is going to come back and haunt her?  After ten years of being locked away for a murder that he supposedly did, new evidence points Joe Weldon an innocent man. When Michele Martin is able to prove him innocent and he is released from prison, more murders begin in Lincoln. Is Joe the killer, or is someone trying to set the man up again?



Three romantic novellas centered around the wedding tradition

  • Crystal Can Break by Linda Lattimer - What happens when your mother announces she's marrying again?
  • The Best Man for Kristie by Rebecca Goings - What do you do when you meet the perfect man, and you aren't?
  • Sukie's Dance by Laura Hamby - How to cope with your sister's wedding...to your ex-boyfriend?

When Mary lost her husband ten years ago; she never imagined love would come knocking again. When she and Glenn decide they want to marry and share happiness together, their children are against it. Can the grandchildren stop the madness so everyone can have a Merry Christmas?



gif When Lynne Murphy decides to buy a cabin and move to Gatlinburg, TN, she had no idea she would literally fall into the arms of a blue-eyed angel. Unfortunately when Abel Mason opens his mouth to speak, she soon discovers this is one angel that must have lost his good wings.
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