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This anthology shows three distinctly different love stories, all demonstrating the power of love and faith.   The story lines are all quite believable, the pacing just right.  I cried a few tears during the reading of each.  This book truly touched my romantic heart. Reviewed by:  Kathy, Coffee Time Romance


"Brides and Bouquets" is a welcome addition to the field of Inspirational Romance, and is sure to satisfy all who pick it up! Filled with strong beliefs, moral convictions, and the desire to wait for the love God sends you, this insightful anthology is thoroughly refreshing!  3.5 Stars   Lynn at eCatera Romance



Wonders why her mother wants them there for Christmas

“You know it could be good news. Think on the positive side for a change.”

“I’m trying to, but that isn’t easy at times,” I emitted with a repressed sigh.

I released my hand from his hold then gazed out at the passing cars on the interstate. Perhaps it was good news and she wanted to tell us in person. No matter what the case, I still had this foreboding feeling that something was painfully wrong with Mother. Had she summoned everyone together for one last visit? Why else would she insist upon us taking two weeks to come to visit her? She never insisted that we spend two whole weeks with her during the

Christmas holidays. The more I thought on the matter, I knew it couldn’t be good news. I shook my head then glanced at the time. In less than an hour we would all know.


Seeing their mother upon arrival.

Cathy and I eyed each other stunned. Was this the reason Mother was glowing? Here I thought we were going to face someone with dark circled eyes and a head full of gray hair, but that was entirely different from my visions.

Even looking at her physical outside, she looked as if she were in the best of health.

“So Mom,” Cathy spoke, “when did you decide to color your hair?”

“It's only a light blonde. I was getting too many grays. I've got a few groceries in the car. Could my two handsome son-in-laws get them for me? I want to see my beautiful granddaughters.”

Jeff and Walter left the room. Mother walked over to the girls. Cathy gently bumped my arm.

“What do you think?”

“I think she looks great. Here I was worried something was wrong.”

“Not that. Do you think she is seeing someone? I mean what other reason would she have for this makeover of hers?”

“I don't know. Maybe. Perhaps.” Couldn’t she see that I didn’t wish to discuss this?

Cathy instantly dragged me into the kitchen. “What do you mean, maybe, perhaps? We can't allow that.”

I studied her curiously. This was one conversation I didn't want to be pulled into.

“Maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions right now. Just wait and see what happens. I'm sure Mom is only trying to get out of her shell. You know how she was afraid to try new things with Dad. Besides, Daddy wouldn't want her going around dressed in black and long veils.”

Cathy halfway bit at her nail. I knew she didn’t like this change in Mother either. Why had I waited a whole year to visit Mother? Perhaps I could have seen the signs if I hadn’t stayed away that long.

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