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Ms. Linda L. Lattimer has written a delightful romance with interesting characters. Cheyenne is the dedicated lawyer who falls literally into the arms of the love of her life. Trey, with his respectful ways, falls for a city girl with small town charm. Their tender interactions, always respectful of his marital status, endear this reader to both of them. I enjoyed this story immensely.


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Cheyenne Maddison has lost her parents and taken on the responsibilities of her younger sister who can’t seem to stop getting married and divorced.  Now a whirlwind wedding in Vegas has left Virginia with husband number four and Cheyenne at her wits end.

Trey Mitchell went to bed one night a simple rancher from Wyoming and woke up the next day married to a woman he doesn’t even know.  Now he has to go to L.A. for a lawyer and an annulment.  From the moment he enters Cheyenne’s office and she trips into his arms, he is in love.  Little does he know that she is the sister of the woman he has married.

This book was a modern day romance with an old fashioned feel.  I loved the way author Linda Lattimer took Cheyenne out of the big city and gave her a fairy tale romance in the ranch country of Wyoming… complete with Prince Charming.  But this wasn’t your ordinary “he loves her and she loves him” kind of story.  Not with a thrice divorced sister hell bent on taking Trey for every penny he is worth.  The feisty twist of Virginia gave this book the right amount of spice to make it good fun.

Reviewed by:  C.C.


The Romance Studio

Cheyenne, an attorney specializing in family law, is very busy with her small law firm. She specializes in divorce cases where one party has been victimized in one way or another by the other. One day an incredibly handsome man comes into her office for help. He has been tricked into what may be a fake marriage by a woman that he met in Vegas. That woman now wants everything he owns, including the ranch that he has poured everything into. Of course Cheyenne agrees to take the case. Although, there is an awkward moment when she falls into his arms and calls him her Prince Charming, she has fallen in love at first sight. Then the worst happens, her spoiled, beautiful, and much married sister Virginia storms into her office asking for help in her latest divorce, from Trey Mitchell, the Prince Charming sitting in her office.

I was totally engrossed in this novel right from the beginning. Trey and Cheyenne are wonderfully appealing characters and the story of their romance is really gripping. The descriptions of the ranch make the reader feel like she is right there. The other characters are very well drawn and vivid, particularly Celeste, the assistant and Cheyenne's sister Virginia. The author really makes the reader dislike the manipulative Virginia for most of the story… I love a good villain. I really found this one hard to put down once I started, so I didn't and lost a lot of sleep as a result, and it was worth every minute!

Reviewer: Maura Frankman




    He pulled her around and gently snaked his arms until they were buckled behind her back. She leveled her face looking up to him penetrating her eyes directly into his. She fisted her hands then placed them on his broad shoulders. Slowly her fingers spread open like a butterfly gently opening its wings.
    Trey sweetly moaned as each finger spread to caress his shoulders. The tiny action was so stimulating, so sensual. It only made him love her more.
    “Cheyenne...” the raspy word was filled with tender emotion.
    She could tell it was loaded with love as their eyes continued to lock into each other while her fingers gingerly massaged his muscular shoulders. She wanted to taste his lips, feel the intensity of his touch. His hands smoothed the length of her back then ran up to her neck and hair. Cheyenne was lost in his eyes. Their lips never met. Instead she lowered her head to his chest listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Could he hear hers?
    At that moment Trey did exactly what he had wanted to do for a long time. He pulled his arms tighter around her as her head lay softly on his chest. Both hands stroked her hair then one hand cupped a hold of its softness and breezed it against his cheek. A rich fragrance of lavender scent drifted into his nostrils. He pulled her away to look once again into her beautiful face. Then he kissed her on the forehead and lifted her into his arms.
    “Trey what are you doing?” she softly spoke.
    “You’re tired. We can listen to our music another night. The crickets and tree frogs will always be here serenading us. For now the beating of our hearts is enough music to last me a lifetime.”
    She didn’t argue. Her hands draped around his neck while her head rested on his shoulder. She was asleep when Trey got to the top of the stairs. He laid her on the bed then removed her boots but left her socks on. Lifting her head he adjusted the pillow then tenderly wrapped the quilt over her body.
    “Good night, my sweet friend. You get a good night's sleep.” He kissed her on the forehead then turned off the lamp.
    “Trey,” she muffled when he started toward the door. “Trey, I don’t want you to leave me. Don’t go to Virginia. I love you Trey, I love you.”
    He edged over to the bed but she was sound asleep. Love, he was sure that he had heard her mention love twice. Cheyenne loved him. She didn’t have to say the words. He had seen it earlier in her eyes, felt it in his arms, and tasted it in her kisses. Everything about Cheyenne Maddison was a new experience that opened new doors for him. Music, he smiled thinking of that. Never had he thought the crickets and tree frogs to be a wonderful sounding chorus. With a quick glance her way once more, he slipped into his room.

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