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Welcome to my website where you will find adventure, mystery and romance. Step into a world where reading and writing is a place that I have always enjoyed with characters that breathe life into the pages and spin stories that take on their own shape.

From genres of romance, mystery, historical, inspirational and fiction, there is just about a little bit for anyone. I have always enjoyed being creative and writing was always an inspiration that kept my mind at ease while lending much comfort. Becoming an author was always a dream that I had and once I got my first contract, it seemed that not long after, more started coming in. Yes, there are still those dreaded rejection letters that seem to find a way into my mailbox, but receiving a contract always soothe over any rejection letter.

News just in, The Last Long Journey is available and has a beatiful cover

For five years Karen Walker has carried her dead husband’s remains with her, never wishing to release him. She has never forgotten the love they shared or their faith in God. Every night, she would always read a chapter in the Bible to him. Now five years later, she continues to do the same, to the ashes that now reside in the urn by her bedside. She promised five years later to take the same trip they took before he died, this time he is in an Urn and her children are very concerned.

When her journey allows her to meet up with a hitchhiking stranger, Karen feels someone is guiding her to offer Ben Carrey a lift when she heads out to Arizona. While most people would ridicule her, she feels a higher power is urging her to trust this one man who could possibly change her life.

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