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I met Bob when my dad was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga. In fact, at the time, Bob was an E-7 in rank and my dad was his 1st Sgt. I remember my dad would come in from work and say that Sgt. Lattimer had those troops out there running again at 2 in the morning. It was cute. All I know is the first time I set eyes on him, my heart was smitten and I immediately fell in love. Everyone started saying you are only 15 years old and he is almost 8 years older than you. I thought so what, I love him. Daddy actually allowed me to go on a couple of dates with him, then things progressed and we got married. People always said it would never work out marrying so young, but it lasted. We had three beautiful daughters, took some great traveling adventures, even went to Germany and had some fun times together. The best being the two weeks we took to the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, Utah. When he started having heart problems then cancer hit home, he had to slow down tremendously, and he was always the man who worked with no stopping. He would take the shirt off his back for anyone, that is the kind of loving person he was and he impressed that upon his daughters, too.

Bob told us some great stories when he was growing up, some good and some not so good. I composed a few of them in a book, Journeys from a Boy to a Man and Whiskey Creek Press gave me a contract for it. Granted, some of them have been changed so not to really reflect a biography on him, but instead crafted into stories that touch the heart. I was able to read him the composure, at least all but the last chapter, before he grew ill. He was such a giant of a man in many ways. When you marry very young, to your first love, and it lasts through the years, and you wake one morning to learn you are a widow, life really changes and so do emotions, I have learned. When the doctor said that the cancer had widespread in his body, Bob kept strong for the last 33 days trying to fight leaving his family. I never left his side, calling upon the girls and sons-in-law many wee hours in the morning and it is something that I would do all over again for this wonderful man with a heart of gold. The early morning Bob had to leave, daughter Suzanne was there with me when he said goodbye to his loved ones. She and I called the other two so they could say one last goodbye to their dad. The Bible says there is a reason for everything…and on the early morning of May 26, 2005, Bob knew it was time he had to let go. The girls and I, (as well as family) miss him dearly and there is not a minute, an hour, or a day that goes by that he is not in our heart or our memories.

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