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Here is what readers are saying at Amazon about Ready, Willing, and....Abel

Average Customer Review: 5 stars

Lovely story, March 10, 2005
Reviewer: Fran (Wisconsin, USA)  
Ready, Willing and . . . Abel is a sweet story, full of charm. Ms. Lattimer creates wonderful characters
readers can't help but love in a setting that is charming.

For a warm, touching read, pick up Ready, Willing and . . . Abel. You'll be glad you did.

5 stars
Absolutely delightful, July 28, 2004
Reviewer: Carolyn L Brown "an avid reader"

A very sweet romance that pulls at the heart strings and leaves you with the feeling that sometimes things
do turn out right after all. That even after disappointments and heartache, there is a silver lining hiding
inside the future of that dark cloud called the past.A perfect read for a long lazy summer read at the
beach or even on a nice lounge out in the back yard. There will be a sigh at the end ... I promise!

Here are what reviewers are saying at Barnes and Noble:

Fran, A reviewer, March 15, 2005, 5 Stars
Sweet story
Ready, Willing and . . . Abel is a sweet charming story of two lonely people finding love in a lovely setting.
It is the perfect read for a relaxing afternoon.

Carolyn, a romance reader, June 14, 2004, 5 Stars
A very sweet romance that pulls at the heart strings and leaves you with the feeling that sometimes things
do turn out right after all. A perfect read for a long lazy summer read at the beach or even on a nice
lounge out in the back yard. There will be a sigh at the end ... I promise



How Abel and Lynne met in the beginning:

    “All right, we’ll go meet them,” Abel said as he started down the hill. But no sooner had he gotten a few steps he observed the reason for Samson’s harsh barking. “What is that girl doing?” His feet raced faster down the hill.
    Lynne put the last screw in the board and started to situate her footing back on the ladder when it started to slip in the dirt. A sudden stir of panic seized her. There was no way she was going to level it. In moments she and the ladder would be crashing to the ground and there would be no one in miles to hear her when she screamed for help.
    “Stupid silly woman what were you thinking of? If I could only get the ladder to swing to the left then maybe I could fall on the upper side. If I allow it to fall to the right, I’ll roll down the hill. Me and my macho image.”
    She inhaled a breath and with all her might started to move the ladder to swing to the left. But to her avail it only caused it to shift backwards. A loud scream issued from her lips as she went barreling down backwards, arms and legs swinging from the ladder.
~ * ~
    Abel was out of breath by the time he reached the bottom of the hill. He saw her plunging down fast and lumbered faster to her side, Samson ahead of him barking as he ran.
    It all happened so fast. All Lynne could concentrate on was where she was going to land. On rocks, on grass, in a tree. And would the fall break a limb or her back? Just invest in a cabin and bingo she would be out of commission. Why hadn’t she waited for Jed to come up and help? She closed her eyes and said a prayer.
    She made a thump as she landed safely into arms. She was shaking and her eyes were still closed as she prayed for safety. There was the sound of a dog barking.
    “Miss,” Abel said as his breathing slowly returned to normal. “You can open your eyes now. I made it just in time.” He noticed that she was trembling and with good reason.
    Slowly Lynne opened her eyes. Was she dreaming? Had she hit her head and an angel from heaven saved her? If this was an angel he had the clearest blue eyes that she had ever seen. Mesmerizing. It was as if she were in a hypnotic trance. Her arms wound up around his neck. She couldn’t remember how, they just did.
    “Miss, you’re shaking like a leaf. You’re going to be okay. I’m glad my dog noticed something. I thought I wouldn’t make it in time. You took a chance climbing up on that ladder that way. You should have allowed your husband to do that. No woman needs to be climbing up on a ladder with no one around.”
    Well ole Mr. Blue eyes might be captivating but he sure didn’t have to scold her on climbing a ladder.
    She inhaled a breath. “You can put me down now. I think that I will be fine.”
    “Just what were you doing up there anyway?”
    “I noticed the satellite was loose. I wanted to adjust it.”
    “And that couldn’t have waited?”
    She didn’t need a lecture from a perfect stranger.
    “Sir, you can stand me on my feet now. I wasn’t aware my falling in your arms was going to sear me with so much scolding.”
    Abel planted her on her feet making sure that she was fully grounded and able to stand. She had been light as a feather in his arms. Just a petite girl. He was a little over five feet nine but she was still short. Was she even five two? She was wearing a pair of white short overalls with a blue knit top.
    “I didn’t mean to scold. When I saw you hanging on that ladder my heart stopped. Then when you went tumbling down.” He exhaled a breath as he walked over to the ladder. “Come here.”
    She followed.
    “If that ladder had gone the other way, you see that backdrop? You could have severely hurt yourself. Where’s your husband? Couldn’t you have waited for him to take care of that? Or the Parkenson’s? Of course I haven’t seen them in a while. What, was there a pressing soap opera you needed to watch?”
    Her brown eyes shot into his blue ones. He had a full mass of light brown hair that had been ruffled by the fast run that he had made down the hill. He had a twig of the hair lapping over his eyes a little. And for a moment she considered moving it but decided against it.
    “The Parkenson’s installed the satellite for me but I guess something triggered it to come loose on one of the bolts. They no longer live here. I bought the cabin from them. I wasn’t getting ready to watch any soaps. And I don’t have a husband to fix things for me.” Her eyes expanded at her last remark. What was wrong with her? Rule number one; never offer any information like that to a complete stranger, especially out here in the woods away from civilization.
    He noticed how she suddenly froze. “No husband?”