Joe and Michele their first meal after he has been released...he mentions her family:
“After ten years of being locked up, I thought this place would be different, but it’s the same ole town. It never changes. Maybe a small joint to stop and eat a bite or a few more bars or gas stations to either fill you up or your gas tank. Even half of the officials are still holding the same office. They must be brainwashed or something.”
“You’re right about that,” she agreed, releasing a smile.
“You know, Michele, your dad must love you a lot to let you come back here to live by yourself.”
Again with her dad. Why wouldn’t he leave that part of her life alone? “He does,” she told him, as her gaze wandered out the window.
“Tell me, Michele, why don’t you want to discuss your family? Am I making you uncomfortable with so many questions?”
“What makes you think that?” She inquired curiously, not wishing him to think otherwise. 
“Every time I’ve mentioned your father, your eyes always seem to wander out into another direction. Are you afraid that I might want to discuss your brother?”
“What do you know about my brother?” The man just gets out of prison and all he wants to do is discuss her family?
“Just that he was accused of a crime in Lincoln, over fifteen years ago and later was found to be innocent. Afterwards, one of the deputies shot him for trying to escape. The deputy said that he didn’t know about the new discovery. So, he just shot him because he was doing his duty as a deputy and concerned citizen.”
“He wasn’t trying to escape,” Michele protested. She eyed the little food left on her plate, and then faced Joe. “Everyone knows the judge let him go. The deputy didn’t believe his story, so he went ahead and shot him. I was only twelve at the time, but I’ll never forget that day.”
“Was it the same judge that was in the courtroom today, who allowed his release?”
“He acted as if he didn’t know you, but he does, doesn’t he?”
“He only knows me through my father. He and my father were the best of friends until the death of my brother. Actually Willie was adopted. My parents thought they would never have children, so they went and adopted Willie and four years later, mom became pregnant with me. He was like my own flesh and blood brother. I loved him a lot. We were extremely close.”
“So I gather most of that conversation in the courtroom today more or less pertained to cases such as those of your brother?” He spread some more butter over his bread. “I mean it was amazing how you tied all that into the one hearing today. Like something you needed to get off your chest.”
“I guess it doesn’t matter where a person lives anymore. Some places are just never going to change. We are going to have rotten towns and people until the end of time,” she said solemnly. “Some people just don’t want change.” This time her glance cast a blank look. He was pumping her for answers, but why? Couldn’t he tell that he was prying too much?
Joe noticed how quiet she had become. He decided it was time to change the conversation. “So, how long have you been going with Bob?”

More questions about her personal life. And if you ask him not to pry, he might think you are just like the town that locked him away.