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Karen Walker is determined to revisit the Wild West vacation she took with her husband five years ago.  Only this time, her husband will go in an urn.  His sudden death left Karen and their two daughters devastated and questioning their faith.  But what the girls are truly afraid of is that their mother will never be able to let go and be happy again.

Ben Carrey just happened to be along side the road when Karen’s tire blows.  Toting his own set of baggage, the two embark on a tour of the west only to find themselves falling hopelessly into love.

A tried and true storyline of love at first sight, Karen and Ben are likable characters with just enough history to keep it interesting.  Although I don’t know how believable their story is, I do know that I liked being along for the ride.  This faith based book was never preachy or oppressive with religion but just a gentle push every now and then kept you remembering the heart of the story.

Reviewed by:  C.C.

The Romance Studio

I simply loved this story. The fact that this woman was solidly grounded in her belief system and her faithfulness to her deceased husband was hugely responsible for her controversial opinion versus her professional opinion as a therapist. Actually, she was not practicing what she preached! This book provides promise that anyone can survive after a big loss and that, if you will release the past, good things are obtainable! I think that Ms. Lattimer is an excellent author with unique ability to get her point across and give interesting background information without bogging down the story. This is not my first “Linda Lattimer” book, and it will definitely not be the last! I hardily recommend this book to anyone who likes romance!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley


“There, now you have room to sit. Let me spread this towel on the back seat, then we can sit the ice chest in the back. I usually carry a small one to keep drinks cool. There’s some more bottle water and a couple of diet sodas inside. You’re welcome to them. I’ll need to get some more ice in the morning.”
He shifted in the seat. “Smells new. Looks real clean, too.”
“I only brought it a week ago. The other car was ready to trade in. My first Camry, just like I always wanted, midnight blue.”
“I bet she handles good on this stretch of road.”
“Sure has. Hadn’t had any trouble until this little mishap. But I have quickly discovered no car is completely perfect.”
“Just like no human, right?”
She considered that an odd statement. It was true but sort of odd coming from his lips.
He reached to buckle his seatbelt as Karen started the car, then adjusted the air conditioner controls.
“That’s a nice vase.” Ben reached to examine it.
“NO! Don’t touch that!”
Ben was taken back. “Sorry, I wasn’t going to take it.”
It was just a vase. She acted as if it was a pot of gold. Was this how she was going to be the whole trip? Maybe he should consider thumbing it again. What if she wasn’t right in the head?
Karen inhaled a breath then buckled her seatbelt. “I’m sorry. I should have introduced you. Ben, this is Jason. Jason, Ben.”
“You named your vase?”
“That is an urn.”
Ben’s eyes widened. “Y...You mean it has ashes in it?"



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