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Linda Lattimer has written a suspenseful story of love, sex, misunderstanding and revenge. I have to say through a majority of this story I really disliked Vincent, but kept hoping he would see how wrong he was before it was too late. The characters, Vincent, Colby, Monique and even Jeff were so well written and believable. I found myself drawn into this story and unable to break free until the very last page. With Monique’s inner struggle to find her one true love and her journey to discover her heritage, throw in a someone out for revenge, a depressed friend, a very hot new guy and a helpful spirit and this story has it all. I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a great suspenseful love story which demonstrates most anything can be forgiven when love is involved.

Overall rating:

Reviewer: Sandra




A tear fell from Monique’s eye. She couldn’t lose it, not now. “So when did you actually begin to change your mind?”

Vincent saw her grief. Felt her pain. “Why bother? You won’t believe me. To you I’m just the same ole Vincent. The dangerous man who broke your heart into millions of pieces. Know this for a truth, my love for you is genuine. Every time we were intimate, it meant something to me. It always has.” He slapped his chest. A tear formed in his eye and fell. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The reason for the marriage license was to make it all legal. You always wanted that. I wanted that.”

“Yet you did it without my consent.” Monique allowed her hand to cover her mouth. “How could you be so deceitful?”

“Hey, Henry, look here--got us some more smokes.”

“Quit smoking, huh? The tall tale grows bigger by the minute. Bet you lied about the dying part. Of course, it was all a fabrication. Tell me, should I see your nose start to grow any minute now, too?”

“I haven’t had one since I last spoke to you by phone. Why do you think I’ve been chewing gum like it’s going out of style? I lied. It’s not like I’ve never done it before. But I am a changed man now, honestly.”

“Then why is the pack open?”

“I took one out. Believe me, I considered having all of them, but Colby spoke to me. I found out with your love, and his support, that I didn’t need the nicotine.”

“But lying about the doctor.”

Vincent was really getting misty-eyed. He didn’t care who saw it. Mucus ran from his nose as he wiped his face. “I needed to get you out here. I figured if you thought I was dying you would come. I’m glad for that part, because I fell in love with you all over again. I can’t express that enough to you.”

“Another touching part in our little story, isn’t it, Wilbur? Do all mental cases act like this?” It was Henry asking as he wedged the gun a little deeper into Monique’s head.

“He’s not a mental case!” Monique yelled. “Shut up! I’ve heard enough from your lips.” She knew she had pushed the boundaries too far this time. Her whole body was growing extremely weak.

Wilbur got up from the floor and walked over to Henry. “Boy, for someone who looks like they are about to keel over, you still got some spunk in you. Henry, this is one mental case that ain’t snapping.” Wilbur stated.

“Wilbur, I don’t think you heard me. Vincent isn’t some loony person,” she said through clenched teeth.

Hugging the wall, Monique slowly drew to her feet. Henry kept the gun pointed directly toward her head.

“Would you get that gun off her?” Vincent urged.

“Keep quiet, you loony bird,” Henry snapped.

“I need to stand for a moment,” she lightly whispered.

She felt very lethargic. No matter what Vincent had done, she resented the fact that he was referred to as a mental case. She had studied information on the cycles of depressed people. That was one thing that you never did.

Jeff stood up near her. He noticed, with all the torture they had placed her through, she had grown considerably weaker. Vincent observed her eyes. They were glassy.

Monique caught a glimpse of Colby’s shadow outside the window. She eyed Vincent’s countenance. This wasn’t a put-on. He was really hurting. She gave him a quick wink only he could see. Her expression was one of calm, like just before a storm. One of concern and sensitivity. She had to finish playing their trump card out. So they wanted to call him a loony person, see him sweat. She would just have to oblige them.

“But then again, I could be wrong. Is that what you want? To see him snap? I can arrange that.” She was struggling with her breathing. “After all that man has put me through these last few days, I would love nothing more than to see him locked away in a padded cell.” She spit on the floor toward Vincent making it look authentic.

She turned her head slightly toward Jeff then Vincent. She hoped that Colby could see her gesture and would follow her lead. She continued her words.

Monique put her hands on her hips. “Wanted to hurt me and Colby, huh? All I keep hearing from you is that we hurt you, never that you hurt us when we split. So now you seek your little revenge. All those times you made love to me...”

Vincent interrupted. He suspected she was about to make a quick move. “At first I wanted to pretend, then I realized it wasn’t fake any longer. When I saw you at the airport my heart leaped. I only thought of you, more than you can ever imagine.” His voice cracked at times.

Her eyes shifted toward Henry and the gun. He had only pulled it away from her head; it still pointed in her direction.

“Come on, make it happen. I want her for myself.” Wilbur sent a chill down Monique’s spine. He touched Monique’s hand then moved it away. That was one thing he shouldn’t have done.

Monique turned up her nose, just at the thought of that mousy man touching her. She would need lye soap to rid her skin of his germs.

“Just who were you thinking of? Be honest? You can’t tell me you were thinking of good old Vincent here.” Vincent wiped his face one last time. He tried following Monique’s steps. This was difficult for her. Was she even going to last to make it to a hospital?

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