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Obsession is a strong word.  But Claudine prefers to call it love for all things, with a strong feeling of love towards books and shoes.  Her 'love' for books started at a very young age while reading the original Nancy Drew books her aunt had kept.  Over the years, heroines in her favorite stories grew up and started noticing fashion, especially wicked shoes, which she still collects to this day.  Just call her Emelda. When Claudine isn't visiting Bonnie over at the Coffee Thoughts blog you can find her walking around the city with a thick book in hand.  She loves to go teen bopping.  Yes, that's right, TEEN BOPPING.  It's the latest Claudine craze.  Watch out you LOL texting teens.  Claudine is on the hunt for kids that don't read books.



Dangerous Lover

Die For Me

Down and Dirty by Sandra Hill


Heat of the Knight

Highland Thirst

Holidays are Hell

One More Time by Celia May Hart


Piece of My Heart
Sleeping with Fear

The Girl’s Guide to Winning a Nascar Driver

The Road to Hell





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